The Postmistress of Paris by Meg Waite Clayton

The Postmistress of Paris

From the New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST TRAIN TO LONDON, comes a new novel of WW11,  set in France. THE POSTMISTRESS OF PARIS  has all the right stuff: an indomitable main character, plenty of danger; romance; a gorgeous villa; and an atmosphere second to none. 

The opening pages are delightful as we find Nanée  flying the skies over her beloved Paris.  She’s doing what she loves best: flying her crimson Vega Gull with her sidekick, her little poodle, Dagabert. Slicing through the sky, following along the Seine, and feeling omnipotent. 

Nanée has been living in Paris and attending The Sorbonne. When the Germans storm into Paris and take over, she makes the decision to stay even though other Americans flee for home. Why would she do that? She’s always had a keen sense of adventure and she feels she can help. She joins the resistance delivering crucial information to those in hiding. She’s working with Varian Fry who smuggles artists and intellectuals out of the country. Nanée is based on a real life American Heiress named Mary Jayne Gold who did indeed help in the resistance. 

The scenery will blow you away. The sense of danger is constant and palpable. And when Nanée rents a palatial villa in Marseille to house her new friends and fellow helpers, well, it’s just wonderful. 

Some of the characters you will remember from actual history. However,  Edouard Moss, the famous photographer in the novel, is completely made up. He fled his homeland with his young daughter after his wife passed away.  He’s one of the artists under the roof in Marseille. He and Nanée are an unlikely pair but they fall in love and when Edouard is sent to a concentration camp it’s Nanée who takes his young daughter under her wing. 

There’s plenty of intrigue and lots of action in this historical novel that is also actually part thriller. It’s very sophisticated yet oh-so readable. I felt as if I was on the ground and following right along with these people. Of course I fell for the little poodle who steals everyone’s heart. 

Who will survive and who will not? You’ll be turning the pages as fast as you can as the novel gallops toward the gate. THE POSTMISTRESS OF PARIS is going to be on everyone’s list of must-reads this season. Do not be left out. I loved it!

My review copy came from the author through Harper Collins, I was one of the extremely lucky readers who got to read first.

Meg Waite Clayton

Lucky me. THE POSTMISTRESS OF PARIS by Meg Waite Clayton will be published November 30, just in time for holiday gift giving. Harper Collins has done a great job with this book including providing a gorgeous cover! I received this book in exchange for an honest review. It was amazing!

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