A Little Hope by Ethan Joella

A LITTLE HOPE is Ethan Joella’s first novel. You would never guess it. It’s a dream of a read. This is the exact reason I love doing what I do. To discover a writer like Joella is what I’m always hoping for. It doesn’t happen often which makes it all that much more rewarding.

We find ourselves in a small town in Connecticut. Life is throwing powerful challenges out for several of the townspeople. Every time I thought one character had the deepest story, well, I had to admit that they all were very strong characters who I began to care about. Tough life-changing choices had to be made. Everyday fears show up in each life. The way they handle the different circumstances will alter many lives each time.

A Little Hope

Did I mention that the writing is joyous? Well, it is. I simply loved it and can’t really say more or I will give it all away.

Ethan Joella lives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, my old stomping grounds, many years ago. We lived nearby and so I spent many summers at the beach. Rehoboth is a delightful seaside town. And Ethan gets to live there. I asked him if he will consider setting a novel in Rehoboth. I am thrilled to tell you that he is writing a novel now set on the beaches in that area. Very happy.

The wonderful publishing people at Scribner, a division of Simon and Schuster, sent me a gorgeous finished hardcover of A LITTLE HOPE. I’m telling every reader I know to JUST READ IT!

Ethan Joella

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