November Musings

Thanksgiving Dinner

My favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. And turkey is always the star in our family. It’s all about gathering family and friends together to share a wonderful meal. It’s about quality time together. Putting any differences aside. Sharing stories and an amazing meal. Using old family recipes. Exchanging new ones, perhaps.

This November is starting out in a wonderful way: it was actually chilly this morning after months and months of nothing but humidity and heat here in SW Florida. I am grateful for this coolness.

November is always a good month for fabulous new books. This year is no different. I will be sharing some great new titles. And I begin my speaking engagements in just over a week. I am very excited about in person events this season. I am anxious to get back to sharing titles and author info to all my readers.

I’m hearing that we need to begin shopping even earlier this year because some items will be difficult to get, especially in time for the holidays. So many books are printed overseas. Get yours early. And don’t forget to shop your local Indy bookstores. They often have great gift items that you can’t just get anywhere.

I’ll be posting some good book lists that will make great gifts for the holidays, soon. This is a banner year for great books!

With the chill in the air this morning, I found myself happily puttering on the front porch, working with the plants and freshening it all up. So nice to be able to be outside without sweating up a storm. And Miss Mimi is actually racing through the house and feeling her oats this morning. It is all good.

The Sound of The Sea

I’m reading an amazing non fiction book called THE SOUND OF THE SEA by Cynthia Barnett. It’s fabulous. A lot of it takes place on our own Sanibel and Captiva islands. A great book for giving. I’m going to love showing it off at book talks, too!

I hope you all will be spending your Thanksgiving exactly the way you want to. And, as always, I wish you a great book!

3 thoughts on “November Musings

  1. Thanksgiving will be very different for us. For one, no kids. Two, I am vegetarian now. Kind of inconvenient around the holidays.

    I think it will be nice and quiet and that will be just fine. Us church leaders are doing a friends giving on 11/21 so that will be the social part of it and then the actual day will be quiet with food and movies. I have the entire week off plus a couple of days beforehand so that will be great.

    • It’s always nice to hear from the author of a book I love. I will let everyone know about the talks. Thanks. And I’m taking your lovely book to all my lectures this season. Everyone needs to hear about this.

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