Maurice Muses About October

Mimi’s Halloween

I was attempting to capture a photo of our idea of decorating for Halloween when our Mimi hopped onto the table and became the star attraction!

It’s a very quiet Saturday afternoon on our street. I love quiet. Peace and quiet are so welcome right now as we’ve had our share of drama the past weeks. Wyatt was rushed to the animal hospital a couple weeks ago and treated immediately for a urinary blockage. We are so grateful for the wonderful staff at Viscaya-Prado Animal Hospital. Their swift diagnosis saved our guy’s life. Three days later we brought him home. He was thrilled to be home. So happy. Then Great Aunt Tiny and Kiki, our two seal point Siamese, came down with some crazy stomach issue. Today is the first day in a while that every cat seems to be back to normal. We can only pray they stay well.

What am I reading right now? I have five books to read before my first speaking engagement of the season: first week in November.

I’m reading OUR COUNTRY FRIENDS by Gary Shteyngart. This author has a great sense of humor and writes with literary intent. This novel takes place at a manor house surrounded by Cottages in the countryside of New York. It takes place about a year ago when city folk were wild to get out of, well, the city. A gathering of unique characters and a family spend six months together during the pandemic.

Most of the BIG books this fall are written by men. This intrigues me as most years it’s difficult for me to find more than one or two books by male authors to add to my lists. I’m so pleased to have these additions this year. But I have to warn you, you might not be thrilled with all of them. Just saying.

I received some very good news lately. My daughter and her family from Asheville are coming for Thanksgiving. They’ve rented a house near us where we can all congregate for dinner. And they’re bringing their delightful dog, Willow.

I’ve read some really good books lately. Some are not going to be available until after the New Year and some not until Spring. I can’t wait to tell you all about them. I also, just yesterday, received a bound manuscript of a book not coming out until next summer. That is really jumping the gun.

People have been asking about THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY by Amor Towles.

The Lincoln Highway

I will post a spotlight about THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY later this coming week.

I am really looking forward to seeing people in person again, soon. It’s been a long time and I have so many books to talk about. To show off. To share.

There is a little something in the air these days. Could it possibly be a hint that the dog days filled with heat and humidity are finally coming to an end? Not yet, soon.

Mike’s magnificent sunflowers.

How I do love these statuesque and oh-so-happy sunflowers. My son Mike and his family have turned their yard into a paradise of plants and tropical trees. I have to say these sunflowers just scream happiness to me. Always make me smile. And remind me that we live in an area where it is perpetually summer……

Cheers to all you readers that keep me smiling and reading. I can’t wait to see you in the coming months!

One thought on “Maurice Muses About October

  1. Yay on your daughter coming for Thanksgiving! That will be wonderful.

    I saw a UK cover for The Lincoln Highway that is much more attractive than the one we have here in the US. I want that copy. I may have to get it.

    My reading has been pretty good. I just finished Piranesi for book club. What a mind trip that was. Not my thing at all but I was fascinated.

    Can’t say too many good things about My Heart is a Chainsaw though. What a weird book. My review posts on Friday.

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