Maurice Steps Into September, Carefully

It’s definitely September. How do I know this? Hurricanes are rolling off the coast of Africa like water off the back of a duck. Have to keep my eyes open wide in anticipation. We will get through this. The coverage of Ida is showing us just how awful these super storms have become. And they do not just affect Florida or coastal areas any more. The scenes in the north are shocking. Having said this, it’s a great time to escape from all the bad news with great books.

My friend, Kathie Bennett, from Magic Time Literary Agency recently sent me two amazing new books by authors she loves. I devoured both books and will be sharing my thoughts in more depth soon with reviews.

In Polite Company

IN POLITE COMPANY by Gervais Hagerty is a wonderful contemporary novel that takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. This new author is Mary Alice Monroe’s protege. I loved the story and I loved the writing. Review to run soon.

You Belong Here Now

YOU BELONG HERE NOW by Dianna Rostad is an amazing new historical novel that takes place in Montana in the time of the Orphan Trains. The chracters are unforgettable and the writing is so compelling and moving. Review to run soon.There are so very many great books coming out in the next few months. I wish I could clone myself in order to read more. It is almost overwhelming. The exciting part is that I am wild to visit your clubs and talk about them all. Well, most of them. Several BIG authors have BIG books coming. There will be some pretty fierce competition for the big literary prizes this year.

Everyone is going to be wild to read CLOUD CUCKOO LAND by Anthony Doerr. It’s a tome coming in at over 600 pages. And it’s a challenging read. Several time periods. Very complicated characters. But a wonderful message and must about reading and books.

HARLEM SHUFFLE by Colson Whitehead is another contender for big awards.

Colson Whitehead already has two Pulitzers to his credit. Will he add yet another with this new novel?

Lauren Groff is no slouch in the writing department either. Her upcoming novel will also be a tough contender. It’s a tough one for sure, but the writing is superb.

I’ve been able to spend some valuable time with my kitties lately. Wyatt is doing great and the girls are doing what they do best by lying around and napping and purring a lot.

Wyatt with flowers from garden.

I’m hard at work on my Fall event list. It will be November before I know it. I am keeping fingers crossed that all my in person events will be held in -person. I can’t wait to see all you Maurice followers.

Stay tuned for more reviews of great books!

3 thoughts on “Maurice Steps Into September, Carefully

  1. Wyatt is quite handsome.

    How have you been, friend? I see you are dodging the weather here and there.

    Here, it has been very quiet with both kids gone. Makes for very good reading time. I am reading Hamnet which is my pick for book club next week. I read the latest Reese pick and that review posts tomorrow. I see someone mentioned the new Towles book. I forgot about it! I need to look it up.

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