The Bitter Taste of Murder by Camilla Trinchieri

What a beautiful and atmospheric cover. This cover screams Tuscany like nobody’s business! Instantly yanks you into the story. I was totally transported to the wine country, into the hills, into this second mystery in the Tuscan Mystery series by best selling author, Camilla Trinchieri.

It’s been one year since former homicide detective Nico Doyle arrived in Gravigna, Italy from the Bronx in New York City. When his beloved wife died he decided to move to Italy and into the small city in the Tuscan wine country where his wife’s family lives and runs a successful restaurant. He got himself roped into helping solve a murder almost as soon as he arrived. Now, he’s once again becoming embroiled in murder.

Who is Michele Montelli? He’s a very obnoxious wine critic who is rubbing almost everyone in Gravigna the wrong way. He thinks nothing of leaving his flashy Jaguar in the middle of the piazza. And insults everyone he comes across. So when his car dives off a cliff and he’s found dead inside, no one is shocked to discover foul play is involved. He’s been poisoned. Could have been any number of people since so many detested him…..

Trinchieri brings back Doyle’s charming dog One Wag. And all the cast from the first book in the series return.

The food, oh yes, the food. Nico loves to cook for his friends. The food literally leaps off the page and you can almost smell it from the pages. Coffee and pastry. Authentic Italian dishes of this specific region of Tuscany are to be savored. They almost take over the story at times. Okay by me.

I love this series and look forward to many more installments in the future. I did not want the story to end. Just wanted to stay in this world longer. I will say the ending was a surprise. This is always good with a mystery.

My beautiful finished copy arrived from Soho Press in exchange for an honest review. It’s just super. A way to escape to Tuscany without leaving your chair. And we can all use that right now.

Camilla Trinchieri

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