A Scone of Contention by Lucy Burdette

A Scone of Contention

A SCONE OF CONTENTION is number eleven in the Key West Food Critic Mystery series.

Hayley Snow is the food critic for the local Key Zest magazine in Key West, Florida. She and her brand spanking new husband, Nathan Bransford, have decided to take their very overdue honeymoon in Scotland. They’re thinking they will sight-see and discover the best scones on this planet. Then Miss Gloria ,who is their octogenarian friend , and Nathan’s mother, Helen, decide to join them. How can they say no? Once they arrive in Scotland they are joined by Nathan’s sister and husband. And on and on and on. What a cast of characters.

Burdette has nailed the sense of place. She has also had my mouth watering over the amazing dishes and scones along the way. Yes, she has delighted us with many recipes at the end of the book. And she is also responsible for any weight-gain I may have….

Of course there is always murder in a murder mystery. And this is no exception. Did someone get poisoned at a very fine dinner party? And then there’s the guy who fell to his death from a local tourist ride on the Falkirk Wheel. Oh my. Was he pushed? And why? Hayley can’t help getting involved. She has a knack for sleuthing things out.

People are denying knowing the dead man. But something stinks in Scotland. Haylee smells a rat. She is on it.

I found this mystery to be just what I needed right now. I got to travel to a lovely place I have never been without having to leave my house. And I truly feel as if I have been there. And then I got to cook some of the food. And eat it.

Lucy Burdette, thanks so much for bringing Hayley Snow and the gang back to the page in a new way. I loved the book. I’m very excited that you have signed on for yet more of the series. Looking forward to it already.

Thanks to the nice publishing people at Crooked Lane for sending me this great review copy complete with cat on cover.

Lucy Burdette

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