We Are The Brennans by Tracey Lange

We Are The Brennan’s

Look at those four leaf clovers on the cover. The luck of the Irish. And here we find a brand new novel filled with the secrets of one Irish Catholic family in New York State.

When Sunday Brennan wakes up in the hospital in Los Angeles, she discovers that she is actually lucky to be alive. You see, she was driving drunk and had a horrific accident. She’s a mess in more ways than one. She calls her older brother, Danny, who lives in New York and he agrees to come and bring her back home to the small town she left in New York. This is no small feat as she left on bad terms five years ago. Left her family and her fiance and went as far away as she could to start a new life. Only one family member knew why and they aren’t talking.

Oh the secrets we keep. The damage they do. Shame is a terrible thing. And there is enough shame in this novel to go around.

Sunday’s brothers all have issues. And her older brother is in way over his head and it has to do with money, or the lack thereof, I should say. His wife has moved out and taken their daughter. She’s fed up. One brother is mentally challenged and hasn’t been himself since she ran away five years ago. And her dad lives in his own world. Then there is Kale, the old fiance. He may be married, but he’s never forgotten the love of his life. You can see where this is going to be a problem.

When a bad man from Sunday’s past shows up shit starts to hit the fan. Secrets start popping up on every corner. And everything becomes clearer now.

Lange writes much like Anita Shreve and Mary Beth Keane. This is her debut novel and it’s going to go through the book roof. I fell for this big hearted family and loved the sense of place in the small town.

Tracey Lange

I will be sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for Lange’s next novel. WE ARE THE BRENNAN’S will be published on August 3 by Celadon Books. Celadon Books is a division of Macmillan Publishing. They publish a small amount of very selective books each year. So far, every single book from Celadan has been a huge winner for me!I thank them from the bottom of my heart for sending my review copy. I loved it.

One thought on “We Are The Brennans by Tracey Lange

  1. This book has been making the rounds. It sounds pretty good to me. I just finished Where The Truth Lies and that one was pretty intense. I just got the new King book but I started The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding last night so now I am hooked on that. Will try to read it quickly so I can dive into King.

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