Stepping Up

It’s almost August. July has flown by. I’m beginning to get my book ducks in a row, or I should say in rows, preparing already for fall book talks. Yes, I know, how can this be? It happens every summer. I think I have so much time and even sneak in some light reading..Well, I’m beginning to read some of the BIG books that are coming this fall. Pulitzer-winning authors are coming out with big, important books….soon.

Oh William!
Oh William!
Harlem Shuffle
Harlem Shuffle
The Magician

Cloud Cuckoo Land


Here are five novels coming this fall that are by HUGE authors and will cause all kinds of book chatter. Colson Whitehead has already won two Pulitzers. Anthony Doerr has one. Elizabeth Strout has become a household name and has won a Pulitzer as well. And then throw Lauren Groff and Colm Toibin into the mix and you already have a pretty darn impressive line up. I will be reading them all and reporting back to you. There are also two entire shelves of books coming this fall and even into the New Year that I have to look at. Many look really great. And then add to this the digital review copies that come my way….. Pretty daunting. I love every minute of it.

Meanwhile, I’m working on my “about” page so it will reflect more of who I am today and going forward. There’s a lot going on here on the Maurice On Books turf. It’s all good. Meeting authors. Working with literary agencies, and planning this upcoming book season. It’s going to be the biggest and best one yet.

I’ll be traveling back to the mountains of Asheville this weekend. Then spending the week on Isle of Palm in South Carolina, to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. I am excited. Hoping for good weather. Pushing all thoughts of storms out to sea where they should stay.

When I return I will be visiting libraries and bookstores in our area. Looking for new adventures.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer no matter where you are right now. It’s just so wonderful to be able to travel and see family again.

Cheers until I get back!

I wish you all a great book.

3 thoughts on “Stepping Up

    • Ti, you are going to love Cloud Cuckoo Land. it’s right up your alley. And I have enjoyed all Whitehead’s books. Going to be a big season.

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