The Bookshop Of Second Chances by Jackie Fraser

Oh look, yet another bookshop book. I love it! I can’t seem to get enough of them. Now, they do have to be well-written and have plenty of interesting content with quirky characters who are unforgettable.

Thea Mottram is having a bad month. This is the first sentence. We find out right away that her husband of twenty years has left her for her friend. And then as if that’s not enough, she’s let go from her office job on Valentine Day. Thea lives in Sussex and is at a loss as to move on.

When Thea finds her distant great uncle has passed away and left her his cottage and vast library of antique books, she is out of Sussex and on the road to a coastal area of Scotland to check it all out.

The few weeks Thea expected to stay in Scotland is going to be longer, that’s for sure. There’s lots for her to do. And she wants to try to sell those books to the nearby bookshop. But the owner is a frosty sort who she just can’t seem to get along with….at first.

Fraser makes this part of Scotland very appealing. I was ready to pack up and go visit as she defined the countryside with such passion.

I love the cover of the book. And I love that Thea is a middle-aged woman. She’s still feeling her way around her life now that she’s alone.

There’s a bit of a mystery. The book owner and his brother, both very handsome, have been feuding most of their adult lives. Why? And will that be satisfied?

Will Thea stay in Scotland? Or will she return to Sussex? You’re going to just have to find out for yourself.

I borrowed my copy of the book from the library. I couldn’t help myself. It’s a super read and I am not indebted to the publisher, Ballentine Books, for a review.

It’s summer and I’m picking and choosing my reading material carefully. This is a lighter read. Just what I need right now. Lots of more literary books coming quickly down the pike, and right in my direction. I’ll be blogging about that list soon.


2 thoughts on “The Bookshop Of Second Chances by Jackie Fraser

  1. It seems to be a trend this summer. I can’t resist them. This one is very light. Perfect for summer. And it takes place in Scotland. Gotta love that.

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