The Islanders by Mary Alice Monroe and Angela May

The Islanders

lt’s unusual for me to blog about a children’s book. So you have to know how very special THE ISLANDERS is. It’s written with middle school readers in mind. But it’s really for everyone who loves a good story with lots of heart. And it takes place on a real island: Dewees Island just off Isle of Palm in South Carolina.

I’ve long been a fan of Mary Alice Monroe. Anyone who reads my blog already knows this. So when I heard about this book I was intrigued, especially when I discovered where it takes place and what it’s about. And one more plus is that Mary Alice’s longtime assistant, Angela May, co-authored this winner.

So what’s it about? Jake is eleven and not looking forward to this summer. You see his mom is shipping him off to spend the summer with his grandmother, Honey. Honey lives on Dewees Island. The island can only be reached via boat. There are no cars nor any paved roads. And his grandmother doesn’t believe in the internet let alone video games. Jake’s dad has been critically wounded in Afghanistan and his mom will be taking care of him. It’s serious and Jake is scared.

Jake has no idea of the adventures that are coming his way. He isn’t on the island any time at all before he meets up with two kids his own age: Lovie is an island girl who drives her own boat and Macon is on the island with his mom for the summer because she needs peace and quiet as she awaits the birth of Macon’s sibling.

Honey is still grieving the death of her husband and she’s let things slide around the house. Her house sure needs some love. And Jake may just be what is needed to lift her spirits.

Dewees Island is a nature preserve so you know there is lots of wildlife. Mary Alice brings the sea turtles into the story in a big way. How they are introduced to the new kids is just wonderful. And she manages to give us so much good knowledge. You’re learning so much without feeling like you’re being taught.

Friendship has healing powers. These three kids each have their own issues. As they come to know and trust one another I fell in love with them all.

Most kids are so involved with their phones and computers and video games these days. Eyes glued to screens. It’s refreshing to read about kids being outside and experiencing adventures. That’s what they should be doing.

Mary Alice Monroe and Angela May

I hope Mary Alice and Angela continue this and make it into a series. I would look forward to that!

My finished copy arrived from Aladdin a division of Simon & Schuster’s Children’s Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, it’s absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed every single page!

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