Me With Kristin Harmel at Copperfish Books

Me With Kristin Harmel.

Here I am with lovely Kristin Harmel. We’re at Copperfish Books celebrating her newest historical novel, THE FOREST OF VANISHING STARS.

I’ve known Kristin for years. I fell in love with her wonderful writing and am just over the moon for her success throughout the years. It is all well-deserved. She works tirelessly and does scads of research for each book. In fact, she told the audience yesterday that she has to be reined in by her editor with the word count. I love this. You will always be sure you have a fabulous read when you pick up any of her many books.

Donna Williams of Gene’s Books on Sanibel, asked Kristin what she’s working on now. Her manuscript is due in November. Oh boy. Takes place in Paris and the tidbit of info she provided whet my appetite already. Her books typically pub in July. Kristin’s deep knowledge of France and especially Paris bring so much to her novels. I am already excited.

It was great seeing all my bookselling friends at Copperfish. It was also great to see and speak to so many customers who came out for the event. It’s wonderful to be able to see and be with people safely once again.

I look forward to attending more in person events soon!

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