Blush by Jamie Brenner


I’m always eager to get my greedy fingers on Jamie Brenner’s newest novel. Each summer she brings us perfect beach reads. Most of her novels are set in Provincetown, Mass. When I found that this new one is set on Long Island, I was intrigued.

My husband and I enjoy wine. We have even traveled halfway across the world and all across this country to visit wineries. This novel is a family saga within a winery. Lush countryside, delicious foods to delight your palette and books. What a grouping.

The Hollander Estates winery is in trouble; no money. What happened? Mismanaged and stubbornness are the two stumbling blocks. The patriarch will not listen to anyone’s advise especially from the women. Big mistake.

Three very strong women make this wonderful novel a delight to read. Vivian is the matriarch and is devastated to know they may have to sell the winery including the big house. Her daughter, Leah, is livid because she was never allowed to work in the winery because her inept brother was put in charge. And Sadie is Leah’s daughter who is not doing as well in school as the family thinks she is. And she’s become very interested in the family business.

Throw in a trashy bookclub from Vivian’s younger years and a library to die for….. Bring the book club back to life.

Throw in a mystery from the past that shows back up.

They all really want the same thing: to save the family business. A must-read summer novel that you will enjoy with a glass of wine, a glass of iced tea, or an ice cold beer.

Jamie Brenner

My review copy came from the generous publishing people at Putnam, a division of Penguin Random House, in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I loved it!!

Copperfish Books can’t wait to hand sell this book. They have them ready to sell on Tuesday, June 22. Discounted 20%, of course. These will not last long.

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