One Two Three by Laurie Frankel

One Two Three

My first time reading Frankel but it won’t be my last. She tackles environmental issues that would break a normal person down after years and years. She uses voices and gets into the heads of the triplets born to the main character who are damaged in ways most of us do not even want to think of. Instead of this being a depressing novel, it’s very uplifting. I came to care deeply for all of these characters. And especially for Mirabel who is the most physically challenged of all while being the most brilliant.

Seventeen years ago the tiny town of Bourne was experiencing green water. The run-off from the local factory is poisoning the water and it’s affecting the health of the people. This story delves deeply into the lives of the three Mitchel sisters and their mom. We watch as mom continues to strive for justice for all the affected people in the town. She has gotten nowhere so far. But that may change soon.

Meet Mirabel: she’s the smartest person anyone in town has ever met, and she can’t speak.

Meet Monday: she’s all about the books and is running a library from her home now that the local library closed.

Meet Mab: she’s the most normal one who is expected to get good grades, get into college, and get out of town.

Bourne is a town lost to the environmental issues that is killing it. People have fled the area and it’s dying a slow death. No jobs, scary health issues. You name it. And then along comes a family moving into what used to be the library. Who are they? What’s up? And how are these people connected to the “factory?”

One moment I found myself LOL while the next I was reaching for a tissue. I stepped outside my comfort zone to read this book. It was recommended by someone I trust: Amy Einhorn, who is working with the publishing company of Henry Holt. Amy, thanks so much for sending the early copy. This is truly a masterpiece of a novel.

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Laurie Frankel is a New York Times bestselling author and has been a Reeses’ bookclub pick with her HELLO SUNSHINE.

Laurie Frankel

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