Maurice’s May Musings

Spring has truly sprung here in SW Florida. It’s hotter and very sunny. The humid days of summer are not far away. The mornings of sitting on the front porch to read the paper have almost expired for my husband as soon it will be too sticky for comfort. We are trying to fully enjoy every moment of this interim weather.

I was so pleased to discover that Reese Witherspoon has embraced one of my favorite new thrillers: THE LAST THING HE TOLD ME by Laura Dave. It’s perfect for summer and unputdownable. Reese not only is reading it for bookclub this month, she’s making a movie and Julia Roberts is the starring actress. You are all going to LOVE this.

I am up to my last hair in books. Good books, great books. Books are everywhere. And I just discovered that The Buzz Books for Fall/Winter 2021 is ready for download. My excitement is surely palpable.

I’m loving the burrowing owls in our community. Cape Coral is known for its burrowing owls. This spring they are everywhere. I’ve never seen so many on the nest. We’ve been very lucky lately to see some of the baby owls. A real treat.

Peachy Keen Door
The Last Thing He Told Me

I got a wild idea the other day. Ran it by my husband and the next thing I knew he appeared with a can of peach paint, ready to paint the front door. Wow. Be careful what you mention. Be ready for action. Our front door is now a vibrant shade of peach. It has brightened up our porch and is not too bright from the road. I am still trying to decide which door knocker to choose to complete the look.

Mother’s Day is coming right up. This week. My husband will be working at the cafe that morning. I will have that time to read and relax. But he will be home in time to make us a nice celebratory dinner. Works for me.

I just booked a flight to Asheville for end of June. Will be first visit to the mountains in a long time. I am excited. We are both fully vaccinated and I am ready to go. I can almost smell the aroma of their freshly mowed lawn. Grass smells sweeter up there. Of course I’m excited to see the adults and grandkids. And I can’t wait to see the new puppy: Willow.

Beach Bag

My beach bag and hat are waiting patiently for me to use them again.

Great Circle
Great Circle
Orchid with shells

My orchids are all blooming and just glorious even this little guy. He was begging for a snapshot.

The books for summer are plentiful and scrumptious. I could not be more pleased. And Jenna just announced she’s choosing GREAT CIRCLE for May. I already have it on my summer reading list. Yippee.

I’m also excited that Mary Kay Andrews will be visiting Copperfish Books next Wednesday; a fly-by to sign her new book THE NEWCOMER and meet and greet her fans. You can sign up right here.

The roads are beginning to clear up. If you use the library you will be happy to know the new books are once again quicker to find and sometimes right on the shelf on pub day. It is almost off-season.

6 thoughts on “Maurice’s May Musings

  1. I agree that the roads are less congested and the last two books (that you recommended) came into the Naples Library double quick! I read “The Four Winds” by Kristin Hannah and have to say that I was disappointed after the build up that local book clubs were giving it. I prefer her older books with more originality. I am now immersed in “The Kitchen Front” by Jennifer Ryan and really enjoying it! Thanks for all your hard work keeping us up to date with new arrivals. Enjoy Asheville, it is unique. See Grandfather Mountain in Avery County if you get the opportunity. It is breathtaking!

  2. Oh! Your trip sounds fun. I bet you can’t wait.

    I get my second shot tomorrow. Oh my word, you would not enjoy my company these days. I am so nutty over my kids moving. I do not feel that I am in control of anything and this is not a feeling I experience regularly. In the big scheme of things, this is all nothing. I have friends battling cancer, friends who have lost a lost one to COVID, friends who are struggling financially and here I am fretting about a move-in date and the idea of either getting on a plane or driving that long distance. I really need to get over it.

    I am also beating myself up because I was supposed to have a review up today and it didn’t happen. I will put it up on Friday. The world will continue to spin. Goodness.

    • Great to hear from you Jean! We missed you at the Palmira meeting this year ,but it was great getting your list of books to download. I’m really looking forward to lots of time for reading this summer ! Thanks for all the great recommendations !
      Your orchids look beautiful ! 🥀

      • Carol, I missed everyone, too. Next year will be better. Good to hear from you. Happy reading. I just finished THE ARSTONISTS’ CITY and must say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Boom.

  3. Finished Margreet’s Harbor and loved it. Enjoyed the time period. Missed you in person at Pelican’s Nest this year. Thanks for all the great book recommendations. Karen Lawrence ..

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