Margreete’s Harbor by Eleanor Morse

Margreete’s Harbor

What a pristine cover. I like it already. MARGREETE’S HARBOR takes place in a tiny town on the coast of Maine. The story begins in 1955 when Margreete accidentally sets the house on fire. When her daughter who lives halfway across the country finds out, well, she makes the decision to drag her entire family back to Maine where they will move in with mom since she can no longer live alone nor will she agree to move.

“Margreete’s Harbor tells the story of ten years in the history of a family: a novel of small moments, intimate betrayals, arrivals and disappearances that coincide with America during the late 1950’s through the turbulent 1960’s. Liddie , a professional cellist, struggles to find space for her music in a marriage that increasingly confines her; Harry’s critical approach to the growing war in Vietnam endangers his new position as a high school teacher; Bernie and Eva begin to find their own identities as young adults; and Margreete slowly descends into a private world of memories, even as she comes to find a larger purpose in them. “

This beautiful novel set on the coast of Maine is still resonating in my mind months after I first read it. I love the strong but subtle writing. I love the cast of characters with all their imperfections. And I especially enjoyed being part of this family with all their realistic issues. I lived through this era and remember the Vietnam war and how it divided our country. Morse quietly adds the war to the story and it gives us all pause as we remember how it was. The scenes with the grandchildren and their grandmother who is slowly slipping away are poignant and tender. Even the pets seem to add so much to this novel. And the big house is a character in its own right.

If you’re a fan of Elizabeth Strout or Anne Tyler you are going to love this novel! It was an easy choice to add this fine novel to my summer reading list.

Thanks go out to St. Martin’s for sending me a review copy months ago. I love it! And we have copies of Margreete’s Harbor available at Copperfish Books. They are discounted 20% and ready to go. Come on up and say hi and peruse all our new books and gifts. Can’t wait to see you.

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2 thoughts on “Margreete’s Harbor by Eleanor Morse

  1. Another book that sounds wonderful. Who doesn’t love a setting like that?
    Plus, kids moving home to take care of a parent is totally a thing these days. So many don’t want to give up their independence by moving into a home. Heck, most cannot afford one.

  2. Have u published a summer 2021 reading list? Had a strange email I didn’t like so deleted. If so would u consider posting again. Love blog you and reviews nothing better in my inbox. Chris Schmitt Flossmoor IL a winter bird in Naples.

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