The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

The Newcomer

Mary Kay Andrews knows how to put mystery and beach together to make a blockbuster novel. I know it’s really summer when a new novel by Andrews becomes available. THE NEWCOMERS is perfect for us right now. It’s got it all! I can’t wait to start hand-selling it at Copperfish Books.

In Trouble And On The Run:

With A Trunkful Of Emotional Baggage:

The No Vacancy Sign Is Flashing And The Sharks Are Circling:

When Letty Carnahan finds her sister dead in her upscale NYC townhouse, she has a real good idea who killed her. Tanya had warned her what to do if this ever happened. So without a second thought, Letty grabs the “go”bag; filled with cash and a big ole diamond ring, and her four-year-old niece Maya, and hits the road in Tanya’s Mercedes. Where’s she off to? She’s found an old magazine with an article about a mom and pop motel called The Murmuring Surf Motel. It’s set right smack on the white sand beach of Treasure Island, a tiny beach town on Florida’s Gulf coast.

When Letty arrives at The Murmuring Surf Motel she meets the owner who is a soft-hearted woman who falls quickly for both the young woman and the small child. Not only does she give her work, she takes them both in. And then there’s Joe. Who’s Joe? He’s Ava’s son. And he’s a police detective to boot.

The Murmuring Surf is full to capacity with the seasonal snow birds and retirees who have wintered on this spot of white sand for years. How do you think they feel about the “newcomer”? They’re eccentric and they don’t like change. And they sure don’t like a pretty young woman with a child. Too much drama. They are a truly colorful bunch of characters that bring much comedy and reality to the mix.

Mary Kay Andrews draws a sense of place that is second to none. I can feel the cool sand under my toes as the sun prepares to set. I can smell the earthy scent of the Gulf as the water trickles to shore. And I will always recall the feel of old time Florida when the times were slower.

My review copy landed on my front porch from the great publishing people at St. Martin’s Press by way of Meg Walker at Tandem Literary. I can’t thank you enough. You already know how much I love this book!

We, at Copperfish Books, are so very lucky. Mary Kay Andrews will be coming by our store in May to sign books and meet some of her fans. The event will be socially distanced and we all will wear masks. I will post more about this event soon!

THE NEWCOMER goes on sale May 4 and we will have copies in stock at Copperfish Books. You can preorder right now.

Mary Kay Andrews
Mary Kay Andrews

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