Our Italian Summer by Jennifer Probst

Our Italian Summer

Three generations of women-a trip of a lifetime to try to heal their relationships. Drop-dead gorgeous scenery. Everything you need to sweep you away to the wonders of Italy!

When I spy a cover like this one I stop whatever I’m doing and check it out. This cover transports me. I immediately want to be with that girl on the cover meandering along that path by the sea in Italy.

OUR ITALIAN SUMMER is pure fun. Yes, there are issues to be remedied. But the gondola rides at dusk in the canals of Venice, the hair-raising bus ride along the coast on the side of the mountain on Capri, the incredible culinary delights each and every day, the art in Florence, and getting lost in Rome along the hidden walkways off the main drag. And then there’s the “light”. All these things stack the deck and ensure the reading experience is fun and luscious.

What we need now, what we are crazy for, are reading experiences like this that actually take us away from our day to day sameness, the sameness we have been stuck in for over a year now. Yes, we’re coming out of it, slowly. But books like this give us hope, help us build our dreams and make us feel good.

So who are these three women? Sophia is the grandmother who has been dealing with some health issues and is watching as her daughter and granddaughter are at odds, over almost everything. Francesca is the mother who is a workaholic and has been experiencing panic attacks while basically leaving the raising of her only daughter, Allegra, to her mom. Allegra is a very discontented teenager who’s doing what she can to get her mother’s attention even if it’s doing drugs….. When Sophia offers a tour of Italy for a month during summer, they all end up on board, even if somewhat unwillingly, at first.

If you’ve traveled to or through Italy, you’ll immediately be transported by the absolutely stunning scenery and descriptions of food and wine and olives. If you’ve never been, well, buckle your seatbelt and hold on. You are in for one helluva ride. My husband and I have traveled through Italy several times. We have always found the people to be friendly and joyful. Our trip to the Amalfi coast( see the header for my blog. Yes, I took this photo from a yacht!) and Positano is a memory that rivals most others. I found the trip by bus along the cliffs to be spot -on as far as horrifying goes. But loved it. The food in Tuscany is amazing. The sights, smells and sounds are otherworldly. The sunset in the novel is so very colorful and makes you feel you are right there. Made me remember the actual striking sunrises in the hill town of Montalcino when we visited.

This wonderful book is not a literary tome to be sure. It’s simply a great novel for you to tuck into your beach bag or enjoy on your porch or poolside. It’s well-written and just lovely. You also might appreciate the romantic relationships as they will make you smile.

We have copies of OUR ITALIAN SUMMER by Jennifer Probst at Copperfish Books. The book is in the popular trade paperback version so it’s quite affordable.

The publisher, Berkley, provided a link through Edelweiss for me to read a review copy digitally. Thanks guys.

Copperfish Book Art

I hope you’ll come by and see me at Copperfish Books soon. I’m going back to work in the store next month.

One thought on “Our Italian Summer by Jennifer Probst

  1. This sounds pretty amazing. What are you trying to do to me? LOL. That cover. It makes me want to go there instantly. The weather here is so lovely right now that it has me thinking of far and away places. Not that I ever traveled much. I’ve always been a home body but traveling through books? Yes, please.

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