Maurice’s March Madness

We have three important birthdays in our family during March. Emerson, my Asheville granddaughter, is the first. Her big birthday was yesterday. I love this happy picture of her taken on the middle deck at their home. Nice background. My grandson Lucas will be five at the end of the month and my husband Jack will be celebrating his birthday the day after Lucas. More about those guys later this month.

Today is a big day for Copperfish Books and for me at Maurice on Books. Erika Robuck is joining us this afternoon for bookclub. We will be discussing THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. It’s Erika’s newest novel and it’s unbelievably good!

Erika Robuck

Some amazing books coming this month. Today we have VERA by Carol Edgarian. Set in the San Francisco of 1906, complete with the devastating earthquake and consequent fires that destroyed the city. Toss in a brothel and two girls on the run…and you’ve got a sure hit.

Coming next week is the highly anticipated SURVIVING SAVANNAH by Patti Callahan. I am soooo excited.

I’m busy zooming these days and creating lists for commentary for book groups. And the upcoming books keep on coming…

Surviving Savannah

Kiki is pictured above on the top of the cat tree here in my office. We call her the little snorer because, yes, she actually snores. The smallest cat who snores. It’s unusual to be able to snap a photo of elusive Miss Kiki, so this is a treat. She’s great company while working.

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to this month is the time change. I am so excited about it. Longer days. I’m loving watching each evening come later and later. And the mornings are coming earlier. YES!

2 thoughts on “Maurice’s March Madness

  1. Emerson is too adorable as is Kiki! Happy Birthday to your clan this month!

    Such exciting book news. Your post is oozing with anticipation. Love it.

    I am here toiling away. The days are kind of boring. Plenty to do. There’s always plenty to do but not much in the way of excitement or enough to keep the days from blurring together. I am not a fan of daylight savings so I dread it a bit but spring weather is delightful.

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