When Harry Met Minnie by Martha Teichner

Interview with Martha Teichner

My Valentine book. This is for those of us like Martha who have special relationships with very special animals. This is a story that was begging for telling.

Just look at these two faces. The look of love definitely shows on the cover of this wonderful new memoir by Martha Teichner who is a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning News.

Anyone who reads my blog already knows I’m a big cat lover. But, really, I am a huge animal lover. Once in a while a book about a relationship with dogs comes down the pike that I simply go gaga about. This is that book!

For those of you who love New York City, you will love rediscovering Martha’s NYC. This is the city as we knew it just a few years ago. I found myself smiling as Martha walked the dogs to the Union Square market on Saturday mornings. I wanted to wave to the vendors and see the dogs get treats. And sometimes, one of the dogs would filth an apple. I loved the strolls by the river. And I enjoyed learning about a place called The Barking Zoo. Who knew.

So the story begins one summer Saturday when Martha is walking her bull terrier Minnie. Of course they are at the Market. An old friend who she’s never seen at this market appears walking his dog. He asks her where Goose is. Goose was Martha’s male bull terrier who recently passed away. When he heard she was actively looking for an older male bull terrier he immediately told her about a friend of his named Carol who was unfortunately, dying from cancer. She was seeking the right person to take her bull terrier, Harry. And so the story begins. This is most definitely a love story albeit not the usual kind. ,

I knew almost nothing of bull terriers. But now I’m hooked. Although, you won’t find me out looking for one anytime soon. The cats are enough for us. The shenanigans of Harry and Minnie will make you laugh. And if you have a pet you’ll immediately bond with Martha.

Martha Teichner has been a foreign correspondent for years covering wars and events all over the globe. You may know her from Sunday Morning. Once you hear her speak you will be reading the book in her glorious voice and it’s super. She’s a very talented writer and a wonderfully kind and gentle person. I loved the story and I loved the writing. And, of course, I fell head over heels for all the dogs; past and present.

Martha Teichner

Martha and Carol become close friends as Martha begins taking over more and more of Harry’s life. And, believe you me, it’s no small feat. Harry’s medicine and food regimen alone would boggle your mind and wear you out. So the story is also about great friendship. And it’s never too late to make a new friend.

We will have copies of WHEN HARRY MET MINNIE at Copperfish Books very soon. It’s a real keeper.

And how will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? We plan on keeping it simple. Dinner at home. Lobster tails stuffed with crab. We do it better than any restaurant and since we don’t like going out on holidays like this anyhow, this suits us fine. And, of course, we’ll be enjoying the company of our four loving cats.

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