Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

In my wildest dreams I never, ever thought we’d still be dealing with this pandemic during the holidays. But here we are right in the thick of it. Nevertheless I’m trying to keep a good attitude. I think I see a light way at the end of the tunnel. I think I do. I hear there is a vaccine…

I think there will be a lot of zooming on Christmas Day. Most of us are getting used to it. It’s a means to an end and a way to see and speak to our loved ones and friends. Win/win. Whatever it takes. We must be safe and keep our loved ones safe as well.

My husband and I are keeping it simple this year. We don’t really need anything. But who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift! So we are exchanging small. Being thoughtful. Giving thanks for all that we have. Thankful for family and good friends. Work that we love. Great books to read. A new home that has become our nest that we share with our beloved kitties. So many things that we take for granted on a daily basis.

We’ve done a little decorating. We have a wee tree this year. It’s so tiny. I love it. It’s sparkly and bright and perfect for us this year. We peppered the living room with our collection of Santas. And Jack even covered the front porch in festive bright lights. I made cookies and the house was filled with fresh sweets.

I’m thinking of all the amazing novels that are coming this winter and spring. Making my lists, checking them twice. The upcoming winter and spring months are going to continue to be challenging. I am continuing to work with clubs for zoom events. Even though some in-person events are scheduled for March, it is a wait-and-see time. If it’s safe, talks will be in person. However, I am beginning to offer alternative ideas.

The Asheville family brought someone special home to live with them last weekend. Meet Willow, their new puppy who is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She’s simply adorable. April, the matriarch doggie is taking it all in her stride.

Willow and April 2020

One of my coworkers at Copperfish has been urging me to read THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES by Grady Hendrix. I have resisted so long because, well, vampires. But, lately, there’s been a lot of chatter about this novel…. And it’s up for awards. What could it hurt to give it a go. So I got it from the library. What did I think? My review will air before New Year’s. You might be surprised.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires

I want to thank all my readers who stopped by Copperfish Books and bought books and gifts. You are so appreciated. It is because of wonderful book lovers like you that we continue to thrive during these challenging times. My bookseller’s hat goes off to each and every one of you.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. A safe holiday. And at least one good book for you to read over the holidays. I hope to see each of you in the New Year.

One thought on “Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

  1. Willow is so sweet and the resident pup seems to like her.
    Wasn’t it a strange Christmas? I still feel like it’s to come but no, it’s over and done with. I am slowly putting Christmas stuff away. We didn’t put much out but it’s slowly disappearing.

    I am also looking forward to all the books coming out. I made the HUGEST faux pas when I requested the new Murakami. I wrote it under Klara and the Sun, not Murakami’s book but the publisher (BLESS them) granted me access to both books. I felt like such a fool.

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