Call Your Daughter Home by Deb Spera

Call Your Daughter Home

My daughter asked me recently about this book. Had I read it? Had I heard of it? She heard it was really good. I was intrigued. I got a copy from the library to see what I thought. I thought it was pretty great. This trade paperback cover is so much nicer than the hardcover. This is very pretty.

I have to say right out of the gate that this reminded me a lot of WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owens. The setting is South Carolina and it’s in the swamp. I mean IN the swamp.

CALL YOUR DAUGHTER HOME begins with a chapter so compelling I double dare you to put it down. Ha. There is one scene especially that is so vividly portrayed and so unbelievable that the hair stood up on my arms. This is what I’m looking for when I begin a book by a new author.

Gertrude is one tough cookie. She was practically given away for marriage. She’s the mother of four girls. They’re all starving. Literally. She’s married to a dog of a man who is not only a drunk but an abuser. He learned it well from his own daddy. She’s desperate.

Retta is a first generation freed slave who still works for the people who owned her family. You will love her.

Annie is the matriarch of the Coles family. She’s prim and proper and filled with righteousness. But hold on. Her life is about to turn upside down and backward. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Her daughters are estranged and she hasn’t seen them in years. Her husband is a real ASS. And here we go.

This story has such a bold in-your-face urgency that you’ll find yourself reading far into the night with your heart pounding and your throat all tied up. These women are here to stay in your mind forever. Motherhood, deep dark awful secrets. Set in the pre-depression South after times of boll weevil blight when cotton lost its luster and the South was brought to its knees. And they thought tobacco would be the very thing to save them….

This magnificent novel of race and class and abuse is going to knock your reading socks off.

This is Deb Spera’s first novel but, you can bet it won’t be her last. I will be first in line for her next novel. Can’t wait.

We have copies of CALL YOUR DAUGHTER HOME by Deb Spera at Copperfish Books right now. This is a great gift for yourself during the holidays.

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