November Musings And A Move

New Copperfish Books Location

It’s official! Copperfish Books is now settling into the new location just a couple blocks away. We are now at 212 W. Virginia Ave. Ste 112, Punta Gorda, Fl. 33950. I drove up to poke my nose in on Saturday morning and business was brisk in the new abode. The feeling of warmth as I entered the building made me smile. And the smiles on the masked faces of Cathy and Liz were genuine and welcoming. Boxes are still being unloaded and we are still adorning the walls and tables. But we’re open for business and happy as clams. You are going to love all the nooks and crannies. All the usual books will be available. And plenty of unique gifts and the greeting cards; yes, those greeting cards, have all come along for the ride. We have the best selection of cards anywhere around. So come on in and see what the todo is all about. We can’t wait to see you. And, I will be returning to work within the new store…..soon. I will keep you posted.

November is being swept into SW Florida this morning with a brisk breeze and much cooler temps. I love that about it. Is well overdue. House is opened to the elements and cats are enjoying sniffing all the wonderful outdoor things… Husband can enjoy reading the paper on the front porch again.

For me, November means back to the lectern. Yes, speaking engagements are beginning next week. They will be different this time. My first talk will be through zoom. If this goes well, I will continue to offer them as in- person or through zoom. Safety is the main thing this year. We must be safe. Everyone needs to feel safe. There are so many wonderful books just waiting to be introduced to avid readers. Books that are out now and books coming in the New Year.

Fresh from Mike and Ana’s garden.

I have never lived through a more challenging time. I had an important birthday in October. When my oldest son Craig visited me he wore a mask and we had a very safe visit. I had not seen him since January. And we live fifteen minutes apart. Like I said, these times are challenging. It was a great visit and I am grateful for it. My youngest son and his family also visited and we celebrated with cake and ice cream. And they brought amazing fresh flowers from their garden. Mike tells me the bright pink flower is actually the grain called amaranth and it can be dried and eaten. Oh my. It’s lovely. My daughter who lives in Asheville with her family called and we all got to speak. They will be coming this month to visit. My three grown children went together and bought me the amazing Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Library print you see here. It is truly amazing. I am so thankful!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Library

Tiny’s Poodle Cut

We had plenty of drama with one of our kitties last month. Great aunt Tiny whose actual name is Siena, was hospitalized for a virus and we were very worried about her. She is thirteen. Here she is after being hooked up to IV’s for a few days. She was VERY happy to get home.

Where I Come From

The book I’m a huge evangelist for right now is Rick Bragg’s WHERE I COME FROM. I was lucky enough to get a finished copy of Rick’s book and I devoured it all the while laughing like a crazy person. Just what we need right now. You are going to love this. We have copies at Copperfish Books so come on in and get yours!!

Penny’s Coffee Bar

I almost forgot to mention that I discovered a brand spanking new coffee shop in downtown Cape Coral. My son Mike met at Penny’s Coffee Bar last week where we were able to sit outside and sip freshly roasted local coffee with a tasty pastry. Shop Local. You can find Penny’s on Facebook.

Everyone is being asked to shop earlier than usual for the holidays this year especially for books. There may not be as many printings of books as usual. Plus, I think we all need to feel the festive atmosphere of the holidays. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. All about food and families. This year it’s also about being safe and well.

Cheers my book friends! I hope to see you soon.

3 thoughts on “November Musings And A Move

  1. Wow!! That is the new location?? It already looks like a place I could spend hours in.
    I am going to add that Bragg book to my want shelf.
    How are you? You sound great and although November does hint at busyness all around, I know it will be good too. Holiday shopping, traditions, etc. I love it.
    I think I mentioned it in my other post but Leave the World Behind. What a book. I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Such a tense read.

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