Where I Come From by Rick Bragg

Look what I just read! Rick Bragg is a writer that can make you wet your pants with laughter. His new book of Southern essays is just what everyone needs during this ridiculous year of challenges and horrific events. His sense of humor is timeless. It’s down to earth. It’s spot- on real. And, honestly, it’s funny as hell. I actually woke my husband during nap time to read to him from this book. And the tears were racing down both my cheeks as I read. I was almost breathless from laughing hysterically. That just doesn’t happen very often. 

I love Rick Bragg. I can’t say it enough.  He gets better and better. I had the great pleasure of experiencing his humor in person at our southern book conference in Tampa a couple years ago.  He had written a cook book called THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD with his momma’s recipes and stories from his past. It was wonderful. After hearing his actual voice I was then entranced. And now when I read him he speaks to me in that wonderful southern drawl of his. 

Bragg doesn’t miss much in this book. His chapters on food made me so  darn hungry I found myself running to the bookshelf to pull the cookbook down. And, the stories of po’boys and Barq root beer  on the curb of Magazine Street in New Orleans made my mouth water. The tomato sandwiches which Northern folk just don’t “get.” I get them.  The dessert experience over the  bread pudding soufflé  at Commander’s Palace. Been there. And Bragg got it perfect.

Rick Bragg

I was lucky enough to receive a finished hardcover of WHERE I COME FROM straight from the publicist who was kind enough to do so. I am happy to share this book with my readers now and through the upcoming book season as I truly do think it is the perfect gift for everyone especially now. My copy lives on my nightstand where I crack it open several times a day just because it makes me feel good.

Rick Bragg is doing several interviews to promote WHERE I COME FROM right now. If you want to treat yourself sign up for one of his events. Just google and you shall see. His voice is like no other….

I was enjoying reading the blurbs on the back of the finished book. Then I came across the one from The Denver Post: “Bragg is a storyteller on a par with Pat Conroy.” Yes indeed. He truly is. And The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says: ” Bragg tells about the South with such power and bone-naked love…he will make you cry.”

Rick Bragg is working on a new book about what he calls “a terrible dog.” I’m already looking forward to it.

So you already know my finished copy of WHERE I COME FROM by Rick Bragg arrived from the warehouses of Knopf Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, they already knew what a fan I am. I love the book. Love, love, love it!! Just buy it. Copperfish Books will have copies of WHERE I COME FROM when they reopen on Friday, October 31. They will be discounted 20%.

Rich Bragg
The Best Cook in the World

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