The Lost And Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs

The Lost and Found Bookshop

I love finding a great novel about a bookstore. THE LOST AND FOUND BOOKSHOP by Susan Wiggs sure does fit the bill. 

I know I’ve read Wiggs years ago. I even remember really liking the book but the title is not coming to me. And I have no idea why I’ve waited so darn long to read more…..

Not only did I enjoy this story, I truly enjoyed the experience of the read. Took my time. Let it get under my skin. Since I’m a book lover and a bookseller it makes sense I would like this book. It’s quite accurate, too. Owning a bookstore is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work. If it’s not your passion then it’s not for you.

Natalie Harper has just received a promotion. She’s been made vice president of digital inventory at a Sonoma winery. The job is not her passion but it brings financial stability which is her passion. She never had it growing up with her mother and so it’s all she can think about as an adult. Then tragedy strikes and she inherits her mother’s bookshop and all the instability that it brings including caring for the grandfather she loves dearly who is suffering from early dementia along with some other mysterious illness. 

Natalie discovers that her mother may have been a very experienced and passionate bookseller, but, she was not a good businesswoman in any sense of the word. So there is that. Plus, the building that houses their home and the business is in dire need of all sort of expensive repairs. 

Enter Peach Gallagher, “hired hammer” extraordinaire.  And his daughter Dorothy. What an amazing little girl. I instantly fell for this child. And throw in a very popular children’s author who is no slouch in the charming department. 

I loved the historical aspect of the city and mostly of the building. It’s sustained earthquakes and great fires. Houses hidden artifacts and secrets. Was once a saloon and a brothel. Oh my.  Chinese immigration issues come up. Interracial marriage. And Natalie’s difficult relationship with her mother. Her mother, Blythe, was never able to sustain a relationship. Never cared to. And this definitely carried over into Natalie’s own ability to love. 

I found this delightful novel just right for now. It’s well-written. It’s got a helluva story. The characters are fun but not too light. There’s a lot of meat between the lines. And, yes, there is romance, but it’s not silly. 

I think you’ll find yourself rooting for this woman, her bookshop, her granddad, and all the charming characters she’s surrounded by. 

I borrowed this book from the library and not indebted to the publisher for a review of any kind. But, I loved it. And I intend to let the nice publishing people at Harper Collins and William Morrow know how much I loved it. 

Plus, if you liked this book, you’re sure to want to try more of Susan Wigg’s novels. And there are a lot. She’s just super. 

Susan Wiggs

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5 thoughts on “The Lost And Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs

  1. I too hadn’t read Wiggs in years and was so surprised and delighted by this novel. I read anything about bookstores but this one is a standout. Perfect reading for pandemic depression syndrome.

  2. Sounds perfect. I do love a good book shop story line.

    How are you? What book are you itching to get to before the year ends? I can’t believe that November is coming up.

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