What Is October Looking Like Here In SW Florida?

October 1. Wow. September truly did right by.  Some big changes are in the air for October.

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

The biggest news by far is that Copperfish Books is moving. Yes, we are! We’ve been in the current location in the center of Punta Gorda for four and a half great years. We’ve met so many wonderful readers and acquired many new and very loyal customers who we love.  The new building will be two blocks from the old location.  The address is 212 W. Virginia Ave. #112. Not far. Still in town.  And it’s on the first floor with a great parking area and very convenient in and out access. And just a short walk from great  coffee and eateries. The space is being renovated right now and will be ready for our move later this month. By November we’ll be settled into our new nest and ready to greet all you great readers for the holidays. We are all excited. It’s going to be a bit smaller but, it’s going to be full of all our unique stuff and most importantly of all, all of us!

I’ve been reading like a lunatic lately. Hooked up with a new marketing company out of Oregon. Discovered a couple wonderful literary novels that I will soon be blogging about.

Pale Morning Light With Violet Swan

One, PALE MORNING LIGHT WITH VIOGET SWAN  is written by Deborah Reed who owns an Indy on the Pacific coast called Cloud & Leaf  Bookstore.

I spent five days attending  our SIBA convention last week as it went virtual like all other book gatherings this year. Heard about dozens of upcoming novels and listened to what’s happening in the world of books during this unprecedented and challenging time. Everything was very upbeat and positive. We have all learned to adapt.

I’ve noticed  roads are becoming a bit more congested as some of our winter residents begin trickling back. The library is getting busier. People are beginning to come out of their bunkers. Restaurants are now free to open at full capacity. Not sure how I feel about that yet. I want more than anything for us all to be safe and stay well.

Received an email from our animal  hospital sending a big Happy Birthday to our Mimi who turns 6 this month. Here she was as a kitten. Strikingly lovely.

Young Mimi


Wish I had a picture of a flowering plant but not much is blooming right now. We have had some cooler mornings lately, and for these I am grateful, and I suspect plants will be much happier soon.

I’ve cut way back on the baking and cooking in hopes that some of the extra weight I have retained will go away…….And now that the mornings are not so God awfully hot I have begun walking again. All good.

I will keep you updated on the bookstore’s move and we so look forward to seeing you all at the new locale.  We are having a moving sale at the current location right this minute. Good time to pick up some gifts for the upcoming holidays at a great price.

Try not to think too hard about politics, the weather, the pandemic, or life in general. Stay focused and look toward the future. It’s surely going to be better. Cheers!



3 thoughts on “What Is October Looking Like Here In SW Florida?

  1. Thanks for wrapping up your post in such a positive way. It’s been a beast over here, although today I am in a pretty good place. Planning, updating my calendar and the like, taking care of some unpleasant to-dos so I can stop thinking about them. Honestly, I worry about everything.

    It’s due to be 104 here and we have a flex alert for power which in English means that we could lose power. I hope not because it affects my daughter’s Zoom classes and my work and could affect me later at the market like it did a couple weeks ago. Full cart, no power. Was fun!

    I hope you do keep us posted on the new space. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. I had recieved all emails for yrs. I moved to Oregon in March and no longer recieved yr emails. My friend forwards to me. PLEASE resign me up , I can’t live without Maurice. Thankyou…Patritia O’Neill

    • Pat, when you are on the website there is a spot on the upper righthand side that says Email Subscription. Sign me up. Just click on that and you are done. But I can’t do it from this end.

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