Falling Into Fall: September Is Still Summer In Florida!

I know it’s considered fall in many parts of the country. However, here in S.W. Florida it’s hotter than ever and nowhere near feeling like fall.  In fact, this September is a real scorcher. If I’m not on top of watering the plants on my porches they shrivel up and die, just like that.

Books? I visited Copperfish this past week and it was such a treat to drive up and see  a couple of my peeps. Cathy and Karen were working that day and we were able to catch up between the customers. Yes, the store is open for browsing now. But you still need  author to wear your mask and keep your distance. Is good. I enjoyed seeing the tables stacked with great new books and what a joy to see the many new books ready for pub day this Tuesday. I also stopped into Punta Gorda Coffee and Tea for a cup of their cold brew for the drive home, and, picked up a pound of their newest Colombia Chaparral, Tolima Red Condor beans. Sipping a cup right now and loving this smooth brew with a coco, caramel and molasses finish. Yum!

Anxious People

Serena, Karen and Liz have read and are raving about ANXIOUS PEOPLE by Fredrik Backman. He’s the author  of the wildly popular A MAN CALLED OVE years ago. Serena actually said out loud that this might even be BETTER. Holy cow . That is  so huge. I immediately downloaded a digital review copy and it will be my next read.

Of course I’m excited about the new Ken Follett novel, THE EVENING AND THE MORNING. Comes out in two weeks.

The Evening and the Morning

Prequel to THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH trilogy. This is going to be BIG. I don’t think anyone tires of Follett.

Wyatt De-stressed

And then there’s Mister Wyatt. My big orange boy. What’s he up to this month? Well, as you can see from the photo, he’s really stressed out. Ha ha.

Cat Door

And then there’s the amazing  cat door. This enables the kitties to come and go onto the back porch at their leisure. During the summer it’s been a lifesaver. Air conditioning stays in and heat stays out. Purrfect.

This past week I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself.  The virus, not spending time with friends and family. You know. Well, then I downloaded a review copy of

The Four Winds

THE FOUR WINDS by Kristen Hannah. It will be available for all of you to read in February of 2021. I know that seems like a long time in the future, but, trust me, it’s not. The feeling sorry for myself quickly disappeared as I got deeper and deeper into her amazing novel of the dust bowl and the great depression. We may think we have it bad now. Well, wait until you read this book. OMG! Talk about harsh. Talk about a strong woman. Hannah does her homework. She began writing this book far before our pandemic. You will not be disappointed. I feel blessed to have been able to read it so early.

I’m gearing up for fall and winter book talks. My first lecture is scheduled for Nov 9 and it’s going to be  outside the usual box.  This book club has requested to meet through Zoom and so we are going to do a Zoom event. They will host. Their clubhouse is not open yet. As we go forward for the season that begins after the New Year, we may be doing more of these events through Zoom if readers feel safer that way. I am keeping my eyes and ears open. And will keep you all posted.

Meanwhile, keep reading, stay in touch, and be safe and well!




4 thoughts on “Falling Into Fall: September Is Still Summer In Florida!

  1. Nope. It’s going to be a very interesting season coming up. Not sure when Elaine will be returning to Naples. And when or if Artis is going to open for seating. Keep watching Critic’s Choice for updates. Sorry, that’s all I got.

  2. The weather report is right on 🎯.
    I just finished “A Man Called Ove” and loved it! Thinking that there is a new book by the same author plus a new book by Kristen Hannah is enough to keep me happy!
    So glad to get your recommendations.

  3. I have yet to read Hannah! I am going to request a review copy of her latest because that story sounds great to me.

    How have you been? I have been feeling sorry for myself too and rather angry and unpleasant. I wake and just don’t want to deal with any of it. Reading is helping, as it always does but all this unrest in our country is getting to me big time. And right now I am looking outside my window and see horrible, apocalyptic skies from all the fires. I feel like I am on Mars.

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