You Still Have Time For A Great Summer Read!

It has just dawned on me that summer as we know it is almost at a close. Schools are opening, carefully, and with great care, September is lurking like a giant ogre just waiting to pounce.  And for those of you still hoping to get some great in, I’m posting a list for you to consider. I have not read all of these. I could only wish. But they are on my list.

  • MIGRATIONS by McConaghy (review coming soon )
  • THE WEDDING THIEF by  Mary Simses *
  • THE KEY LIME CRIME by Lucy Burdette*
  • MOTHERLAND by Leah Franqui
  • 28 SUMMERS by Elin Hilderbrand*
  • THE HENNA ARTIST by Alka Joshi
  • THE ORDER  by Daniel Silva (review coming soon )
  • A WEEK AT SURFSIDE  by Pierce Koslosky Jr.*
  • WANT by Lynn Steger Strong
  • ON OCEAN  BOULEVARD by Mary Alice Monroe *
  • SEX AND VANITY by Kevin Kwan*

You’ll notice that I starred several of the titles. That’s because they are so totally suited for right now at end of summer. I’m currently reading  A WEEK AT SURFSIDE and I will say right off that I don’t usually read short stories. But I was immediately drawn into this book. It’s a trade paperback and it will have you at the and wading in the surf  in no time flat.

I sit here at my desk in my looking out over a colorful sky filled with shades of lavender and pinks and oranges into the setting sun. I am surrounded by stacks of books needing to be read or reviewed; some physical books, some digital review copies. It is always thus at summer’s end. I begin the summer thinking I will be able to catch up on and even get ahead. It’s never the case. And even in this challenging time of the pandemic, there are still books aplenty. That is a good thing. I have dozens of books to consider for reviews and talks. It is all good.

I’m discovering titles coming in the new year by authors you and I both love. How fun it will be to have these to look forward to. And a huge title by Ken Follett coming next month.

Okay, readers, go forth and read.  There is no better time to read than right this moment in time.

One thought on “You Still Have Time For A Great Summer Read!

  1. I have 1.5 books to read on my summer list. The current book The End of the Day is trying my patience right now. Bill Clegg’s writing is always so beautiful but the story is not grabbing me. It has been between 116-105 degrees here and is expected to be 108 today. I feel like summer will be here for awhile more, at least for us. But I am going to join a read a long in Sept for Appointment in Samarra and then the RIP Challenge should be in full swing although I haven’t seen a post about it yet.

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