Maurice’s Mid-Summer Musings For July

I just couldn’t resist posting this recent photo of the NYC Public Library Lions, masked. It speaks volumes about the atmosphere of our country during these challenging times.

NIC Public Library Lions Masked

I can hardly believe it’s July. June blew through our neighborhood at Surfside like a tornado.  It certainly was the quickest month of the quarantine for me.

Afternoon tea party

We had a careful visit from our Asheville family in the middle of June. They drove down and rented a big house with a pool where we all could congregate. We vacillated between our house and theirs for a week. It was an amazing visit for which we are grateful. The kids are growing in leaps and bounds. Emerson is eleven and has turned into a lovely young lady. Liam is so tall I now have to put my head back to look way up to him.  It had been way too long since we had seen them. We even had an appointment at Copperfish Books so they could all see the store and we all happily brought new books home. We were the only visitors in the store and felt very safe. That’s so important these days. You, too, can book private appointments to shop at Copperfish.

Me & Emerson, matching shirts

I’ve been reading. Imagine that. I have stepped it up and have begun reading more literary books. I’m even reading some great non-fiction. And, I read a LOL novel by Carl Hiaasen called SQUEEZE ME that will

Squeeze Me

be available for sale in August.  My copy was a digital review copy.

I’ve been doing some baking and have enjoyed scouring my cookbooks for appealing recipes. I even have begun dabbling with making bread. This is something I used to really enjoy doing when the kids were small.

Homemade bread

My ipad is groaning with many digital review copies of upcoming books.  One I recently read and enjoyed is THE LIONS OF FIFTH AVENUE by Fiona Davis.  You’ll be happy to know it will be available for sale in August. I predict it will be a real force and I know you are every one going to want to read it.

The Lions of Fifth Avenue

I have discovered digital jigsaw puzzles. Never thought this would be my cup of tea. I so love doing actual jigsaw puzzles but, our kitties enjoy doing them even more than we do…. You can only imagine missing puzzle pieces found later in unlikely kitty-cat hidey-holes.

Backyard mangoes

Just look at these  beauties!  Our neighbor has two gigantic mango trees in her backyard. She is allergic to them. But I am not. Many of the limbs hang over into our yard. Neruko has kindly given us permission to help ourselves. Those of you who know of mango trees know that they can bear tons of fruit. That is exactly what we are finding out.  Frozen mango smoothies in summer are amazing. Healthy and delicious.

This is the month to play catch up with yearly Dr. appointments. I have lined up all the important ones and now will not have to worry about trying to get squeezed in during the winter months. Is good. Eyes, skin, knees, and breasts😎

My husband is bringing home empanadas from the Cafe tonight for dinner. I’m making a tomato and mozzarella  salad with some of our fresh basil to go with. We’re looking forward to cooking ribs on the grill and enjoying some good corn on the cob on the 4th. We won’t be going anywhere but have decided to catch up on some movies and books. We will relax.  I hope you have a good book to read over the holiday. My daughter will be enjoying 28 SUMMERS by Elin Hilderbrand.

Me with 28 Summers at Copperfish.

She is so in for a treat!!! This is one of the books of summer I plan on rereading and that’s not I do very often. Yes, it’s that good. And I may even try to watch the movie that was Elin’s inspiration: This Time Next Year.

The Book of Lost Names

I’m so looking forward to the release date of THE BOOK OF LOST NAMES by Kristin Harmel. The pub date is July 21. This is an amazing novel of WW11 based on real history. As always, we can count on Kristin to do her research. You are going to adore this book.

Here in Florida, the news is not good about the virus. Too many people are not taking precautions; not social distancing, not protecting others by wearing masks, and just not being careful. After this upcoming holiday weekend, I fear the numbers will be even higher. As I write, the Cape Coral City Council is meeting to decide on a big announcement.  Might be mandatory masks for all in public. I do wish everyone a good, safe, holiday. We can still have fun, we just don’t have to be on top of each other. Cheers!🙀

One thought on “Maurice’s Mid-Summer Musings For July

  1. I can tell from your smiling faces how good it felt to spend some time with your family again. Looks like a fabulous time and the bookstore trip? Of course! Why not show it off. I hit the used bookstore last weekend. They handed me gloves and I had my mask on. They allowed only ten patrons inside at once and it was just me and one little girl and her mom. We spent some time there and I bought a copy of Emma in the Night which I am about to finish today.

    Our restaurants were closed again yesterday for dine-in. Our fireworks show was cancelled and beaches are closed. Again. That’s what happens when people cry me me me and don’t follow what is suggested so we can stay open.

    My son’s new job is okay so far. They are in a different county and one where the numbers are still good so hopefully they will stay that way and he won’t be affected. I mean, he just moved back!

    For the 4th, we are making burgers and hot dogs with corn on the cob, a blue cheese wedge salad which is more for me than anyone else. Who can refuse an icy wedge salad? My family. Also smashed potatoes and watermelon. Okay, and lemon pie.

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