The Last Flight By Julie Clark

The Last Flight

Hold onto your seat. You’re about to go on a wild, wild ride. And you’re gonna LOVE it!

I stumbled upon a digital review copy of THE LAST FLIGHT and it sounded good. Little did I know how amazing it would prove to be. I read it in two sittings. I could have read straight through but, I wanted to make it last. I don’t read a lot of thrillers. When I do it’s almost always authors I’m very familiar with. Julie Clark is new to me. But now I’ll be eagerly awaiting her next novel.

Claire and Eva are two women who will risk their lives to escape from what have become unlivable lives. Claire is married to a powerful man who is about to announce his campaign to run for the U.S. senate in New York .  She’s tired of hiding the bruises left from Rory’s hands.  Eva has gotten caught up in a terrifying world that’s left her hostage to a life she didn’t bargain for. She too has had enough.  When Claire and Eva meet as strangers in JFK  airport, they decide on practically a moment’s notice,  to swap identities. Neither knowing what they were getting into, only that they were desperate to flee, no matter what.

With heart-pounding intensity Clark mounts a story that begs for page-turning. Eva takes the flight to Puerto Rico that was supposed to take Claire. Claire ends up on the flight to Berkley where Eva’s little house awaits her. But when Claire arrives in Berkeley and discovers that Eva’s plane, the plane that was supposed to carry her, has crashed with no known survivors, well, the world begins spinning in a new direction. And the games begin….

Eva and Claire are such strong women. But they’ve been betrayed and their lives have been ruined by men. This is a timely novel. It asks us what we would do to escape a life of abuse. It also gives us the support of friends and shows us a strength beyond reason.

I think you are going to love this book. It’s just right for getting away from it all. We may not all be at the beach this summer but, we certainly still need and want great reads. This is one of those and then some.

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My review copy was provided by Sourcebooks. I can’t thank them enough. They already know how much I love this book!

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