Maurice Muses, It’s June, Now What?

We never thought we’d still be so deeply involved in Covid-19 throughout the summer. But here it is June and we’re still far from knowing the ending of this unprecedented story. Yes, our state has begun opening….maybe even a little too much. But I’ve managed to meet a friend for lunch, and my husband and I even dared to dine out last Friday night. Each outing was carefully decided upon and the venues were pristinely chosen. I met Karen at Cafe You here in Cape Coral.

Ana’s Homemade Cafe You

Ana’s pistachio donuts Cafe You

We enjoyed a delicious and healthy meal in a safe environment and were tended to with the utmost of care.  My daughter-in-law Ana is the amazing pastry chef  and my husband Jack works in the front of the cafe with the most affable group of people you can ever hope to meet. It was a great experience, but we were reminded how different everything is as everyone wore masks and constantly cleaned and distanced. Still, so glad I went. A tiny slice of yesterday.

Now, let’s talk upcoming books. There are some great reads on the way . THE LAST FLIGHT by Julie Clarke is out June 2.

The Last Flight

THE LAST FLIGHT was a digital read that I started on a whim.  It was like riding a wild rollercoaster into HELL. Loved it.

28 Summers

28 SUMMERS is by far one of my favorite novels this summer.  I absolutely adore this book, even more than last summer’s ,SUMMER OF 69, and that is saying a lot!

THE SECOND HOME  is coming. You are going to love this novel that mostly takes place on Cape  .

The Second Home

The Second Home


The Last Train To Key West

I love Chanel Cleeton. You are in for a treat with THE LAST TRAIN TO KEY WEST. This cover is a real winner, too.



So, you can see a smattering of the good books coming soon for your enjoyment. They will be available at Copperfish Books.  And my reviews will be coming very soon. Speaking of the , I want to let you know that those of you who live within driving distance of Copperfish Books in Punta Gorda, Florida, can now make appointments to come in and shop. We are being extremely cautious for your safety and for ours.  But up to three people can shop at a time. The appointments are for half hour increments. Booksellers are wearing masks and are having our visitors wear them as well. Children over the age of twelve are welcome to come with. You can make your appointment on our website or you can call the store at 941-205-2560. We are still offering curbside pick up and we are doing a lot of mailing. Our website for our Zoom events  has  been very popular. This is a saving grace for the authors who have books coming out during this staying in time. Mary Alice Monroe and ON BOULEVARD and Mary Kay Andrews  and  HELLO, SUMMER had very successful publishing days. Their new novels are both enjoying positions on the NYT bestseller list. Yippee!! And if you haven’t already purchased please take the time to do so from Copperfish Books. The shipping will be free if you choose to buy both books and have them shipped to your home or to a friend. And, as always, new hardcovers are discounted 20%.

I believe that good books are going to be even more crucial to our summertime adventures this year. After all, many of us are not able to travel yet. Plans have been cancelled. People are being challenged to make new plans. There is nothing that can take the place of actual travel, well, other than a great book. So I’m tirelessly so I can bring you information about the best books for you during this crazy time.

I wish all of you continued good  , and, of course, safety. Cheers!






One thought on “Maurice Muses, It’s June, Now What?

  1. Didn’t dining in feel utterly indulgent? We dined-in last week when we visited Palm Springs. They were very ready to accommodation us with all the proper measures in place but it felt so wrong… but also good. Then I got sick last week and thought oh man, I should not have done that but after two days of weird symptoms I am fine again.

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