Redhead On The Side Of The Road by Anne Tyler

The title seems to imply that there is a redheaded person somewhere on the side of this road. But there’s not.  So what’s this novel about?

First of all it’s slight. It’s almost more of a novella.  Micah lives alone in Baltimore in the basement apartment where he is the superintendent.  He is also what he calls a tech hermit. It sure fits the bill. He fixes mostly old people’s computers and he’s a stay-at-home kinda guy. Micah likes structure and routine. He runs in the morning and finds solace in sameness. He has a mundane relationship with his lady friend. That is until he dismisses her possible eviction  from her apartment with little more than a nod.

Anne Tyler


Anne Tyler

lives in Baltimore and has written about the city for years. She’s certainly got her fingers on the pulse of the city where I was born.  Setting her stories mostly in Baltimore is what she does. Baltimore people are mostly kind and gentle. She brings this to the page. Plus, she incorporates family angst that really takes the realness to the next level.

Tyler is one of the few female authors who can write convincingly in the voice of a male.  This is not a  small feat. She’s done a splendid job with the quirky character or Micah. And I totally enjoyed meeting his family. Real people.

So, here you are; a brand new Anne Tyler novel, ready for your summer reading pleasure. Brought to you by Knopf Publishing.

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

Copperfish Books has a limited number of copies in the store or they can arrange mailing anywhere in the U.S.A.  If you’re a Tyler fan like me, you know you want this one. And, Copperfish Books always discounts new hardcovers 20%. Free shipping with orders over $35.  You may want to toss a paperback into the mix to get the free shipping. May I suggest WINTER IN PARADISE by Elin Hilderbrand. It will sweep you away to the island of St. John and make you happy!

4 thoughts on “Redhead On The Side Of The Road by Anne Tyler

  1. I have just moved from Florida to Oregon. of course isolating. I have enjoyed u and yr posts for yrs and I thank u very much. all the best to you and yrs.Patritia O’Neill

  2. Anne Tyler is one of my favorite authors along with Elizabeth Berg. So excited to read her new book. Thanks for the review.

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