A Hundred Suns by Karin Tanabe

A Hundred Suns

Look closely at the photo on the cover of A HUNDRED SUNS. It appears to be dreamy. It perfectly captures the ambience of this rich, atmospheric new novel by Karin Tanabe.

It was easy to get involved in this story.  I was all in from the first page. And, Indochine, a mysterious place for sure. Now known as Vietnam, I knew very little of this country in the 30’s.  This is the kind of novel I’m always on the hunt for. Unique, edgy, complicated characters, and great writing.

Jessie Holland Lasage is an American woman who moved to Paris with an agenda. To say Jessie came from humble beginnings is a gross understatement. Jessie escapes the horror of her childhood and goes searching for a way out. She meets and marries Victor Michelin Lasage and moves way up in the world. He is just what she is looking for. In Victor, Jessie finds the money and prestige she needs. But at what price?

When Jessie and Victor move to Indochine it’s the early 1930’s and Victor has been sent to keep a close watch on the family plantations near Saigon. The colony has had its share of uprisings and the last thing they want or need is more trouble.  So we enter the oppulent over-the-top way of life in the colonies.  We also quickly realize that champagne flows constantly, opium dens are the norm, and moral fortitude is a passing fancy.

Then meet the ex-pats. When Jessie is befriended by Marcelle who is a seemingly bored housewife, this story quickly heats up and becomes a real page-turner as well as a mystery.  Marcelle might be married but, she has a Vietnamese boyfriend, Khoi Nguyen,  from a filthy rich family who makes their money through silk.  Marcelle and Khoi have an agenda of their own. They have hooked up with communist rebels and are trying to undermine the Michelin family.

When Jessie begins suffering from bouts of memory loss and fits of rage, the mystery deepens. And widens.  And the fragile world surrounding these complicated characters begins to show itself to the readers.

At times throughout the story Jessie seems like an unreliable narrator. Not to give anything away, but that will resolve itself near the end.

I chose to read this novel because of the unique and exotic locale. I became compelled to continue to  read because of the richness of the prose and the complexity of the story.   A HUNDRED SUNS is being published by St. Martin’s Press on April 7. Don’t miss out on this one. I predict it’s going to be big this spring and summer.

Karin Tanabe


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One thought on “A Hundred Suns by Karin Tanabe

  1. You had me hooked the minute I started the review!! Great job and sounds like a great read! Looking forward to it soon I hope!

    Thanks again for what you do! Make people want to read!!

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