What’s On My Reading Radar Right Now?

Top of my reading list today.

These three books are at the top of my TBR list right this moment. But that can and probably will change at the drop of a bookmark. I am, however, halfway through THE STAR-CROSSED SISTERS OF TUSCANY by Lori Nelson Spielman. I’ve had my eye on this one because of the title. The cover’s not too shabby either. It’s light and very good. Perfect for right now. It’s taking me back to my last trip to Tuscany and that’s a very good memory.

Current review books waiting to be chosen.

People ask me how I choose what to read when there are so many books begging for me to crack them open. Well, if something sounds interesting, I will pick it up and read a chapter. Sometimes that chapter immediately turns into half the book. But I usually read a chapter or so of each book. Then the one that is the most compelling is the one I go back to and finish. Okay, for instance. A little over a week ago I received a review copy of Mary Alice Monroe’s upcoming novel

On Ocean Boulevard

ON OCEAN BOULEVARD. Well, I just could not put it down. It was wonderful. Comes out May 19. We, at Copperfish, were scheduled to have a luncheon with Mary Alice in Punta Gorda  just before the new book comes out. But, alas, all of Mary Alice’s book engagements have been cancelled or postponed due to the corona virus.  Bummer. I do want to mention that her last novel, THE SUMMER GUESTS

The Summer Guests


will  be available in paperback on March 31.  I am so excited. If you haven’t read it yet, PLEASE do yourself a big favor and buy a copy. It is a must-read. I loved it. We will have copies  for sale at Copperfish and online.

Mary Kay Andrews is another of my summer favorites. Her new novel, HELLO SUMMER, will be available on May 5. Copperfish Books will have copies for sale at that time.

The news is very unsettling. I’m thinking most of you are looking for lighter reading material. I will be putting up my reviews earlier than normal during these times. We all need something fun to look forward to.

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

Please keep Copperfish Books in mind while doing your book ordering. And remember you can call us at 941-205-2560 and take advantage of our curbside pick up.  We have a great website where you can order and we can ship to your home. Our hours are Monday through Saturday: 10-4.

Be safe and relax with a great book.

3 thoughts on “What’s On My Reading Radar Right Now?

  1. Thanks for stepping up your reviews. The Collier County Public Library is wonderful about having new titles and as much as I would love to buy more books, as a Senior, it’s not in my budget. Your reviews give me insight into the books I want to request from the library. The library is staying open with limited hours for the ultimate “take out” service. Fan, Wilma

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  2. Jean, Must let you know, I checked your list of ten favorites and chose “A Good Neighbor” to read and it was absolutely on target. Love your reviews and would love to have the time to read them all. With this break in normally scheduled activities, at least there is more time for reading. Thanks for the suggestions. Nancy Hogan

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