Unexpected Mid- March Madness

What a difference one week makes. This time last week I was speaking to groups of avid readers and showing off wonderful books. This week most everyone is staying in and wondering what on earth has happened to the world we once knew.

I have been lax on reviewing books for a couple months.  That means I’ve been on the move traveling the tri-state area with a rolling case filled with the best books of the season as well as the amazing books coming later this spring and into the summer. Now that those talks are over for this year, I can get on with the business of reviewing again.  Of course you already know I read far ahead. Right this moment I am reading PARIS NEVER LEAVES YOU by Ellen Feldman.

Paris Never Leaves You

This one is coming June 2. I have been cautious about reading WWII books since there have been a glut of them. But, this one is worth the read. I love the understated cover. It sets the tone. Paris, a young woman working in a bookstore, Nazi occupation. A good one to look forward to this summer.

Sea Wife

Another one to look forward to in May is SEA WIFE by Amity Gaige.  A heart-stopping sailing adventure that goes horribly awry. What happens when a young husband and father decides the family needs to purchase a sailboat and sail for one year. Keep in mind this couple have two small kids and one is a toddler. The writing is superb and the characters are unforgettable. The scenes pop and sparkle.

Both those novels are for the future. But I will be bringing you up to speed with books as they come out and just before so you don’t fall behind or lack a great book to read while we experience this virus together.

I am not working at Copperfish while this craziness is going on. But the store is still open and we are doing everything possible to stay open. You can call us and find out what books we recommend. You can order to be shipped to your home. If your order is $35 or more the shipping fees will be waived. In store, the new hardcovers are discounted 20% as always. We are now offering curbside delivery for your shopping convenience. Just give us a call at 941-205-2560. We are here for you. Of all the times you need a great book to read, it sure is now.

I am working on a list of great books to read while hunkering down.  Will be posted asap.

Everyone can rest assured that the Artis-Naples Critic’s Choice summer reading list is prepared and ready to go. Elaine and Jess and I have been working on it and it is a wrap. Some great stuff there. I’m not sure when Artis will be releasing it. I’m sure it will be on their site when up.


Siena who we affectionately call “Tiny” is showing how stressed out over the virus she is. She’s relaxing on the back porch and preparing for one of her ongoing naps of the day.  She is not bothered by worry. She knows we have plenty of her favorite food and plenty of cat litter. All she needs. She is, however, very happy to have both our laps available almost 24/7 while we are home.

I am finding some humor in all this, although not a whole lot. When I was at our Publix the other morning, there were two manager-types “guarding” the toilet paper aisle. Never thought I’d see the day.

I’m hoping everyone will be staying safe and doing the right thing.  I think we are in for the long haul. Try to relax and I wish you many amazing books. List to come soon.






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