It’s January2020. Maurice’s First Musings Of The New Year.

Before I get to January I just will post one photo of Christmas morning  in St. Thomas.

Christmas Morning

Months and months ago we booked a holiday cruise. This long before we bought our new house. So, off we sailed to the Caribbean a few days before Christmas. We were bound to relax. It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken. And we met some delightful people. We opted for a dining table for eight. My husband is a social butterfly and he loves chatting and meeting new people. There were four couples including us. One couple from Great Britain, one from Alabama, and one couple born and bred in Bermuda. Each couple brought something special to the table. We loved spending the end of each day with them.  Some at sea days Jack and I found comfy chairs by picture windows and sipped coffee and read our books as we watched the waves ebb and flow. Some days we read our books and watched movies in our cabin. And best of all were the naps. Oh yes, many, many naps. Divine.

We are now settling into our new home. Although the kitties were very nervous during the actual move, they have all decided to like the new house. They especially love racing through the house from front to back porch.

Front Porch

They also like that I still have plenty of plants and orchids for them to hide behind as they watch unsuspecting birds and lizards. How stressful is moving? They say death and moving are the two most stressful things we do. And it’s going to take time and patience to get everything unearthed and placed just so.

Now let’s get to January. OMG! Is it really January? I have hit the ground running. I am back to work at Copperfish Books tomorrow. And can’t wait to see everyone and help them greet the new year.

My book lectures begin on Tuesday with a visit to Quail Creek on Tuesday and then to Bonita Springs and Pelican Nest later in the week. Boom. Then it’s nonstop for months. All good.

Tell Me A Story

On Monday, January 13 I will be with Copperfish Books as we present an afternoon with Cassandra King Conroy. She’ll be speaking and talking about her new book, TELL ME A STORY. You do not want to miss this. Visit our website for more details. I believe there are a couple tickets left.

After one year I am finally going to be able to hand sell AMERICAN DIRT by Jeanine Cummins.  I received this manuscript last January and immediately almost lost my mind with excitement. Finally, those of you who have put up with my ravings are going to see for yourselves.

Me with my finished copy of AMERICAN DIRT.

Amy Einhorn sent me a finished copy just before Christmas complete with a nice bottle of red wine. We will toast Amy and Jeanine on January 21, pub date. The biggest book of the year! I could not resist taking this selfie, straight from the box.

Later this month I will attending a luncheon for Marie Benedict. She will be talking about her new novel,

Lady Clementine

LADY CLEMENTINE, which you will be able to purchase from Copperfish Books tomorrow! My review will run after the luncheon..


One thought on “It’s January2020. Maurice’s First Musings Of The New Year.

  1. I knew you were going to have a fab time on the cruise. Did you experience sea sickness at all? I took a harbor cruise once and was sick for days. DAYS. I am so sensitive and I had all the drugs in me.

    I put American Dirt on request. I thought I had a copy but I guess not. I’ve been in a reading frenzy and I just want to keep it up. Once I end a book I immediately launch into a new one.

    Glad you are settling into the house and that the kitties approve. The last time we moved, we only moved 1/10th of a mile away. I know, dumb. So much work to move that short distance but it was so funny because my old house has no trees and therefore no birds so when we moved to the new house, the chirping and all the bird activity was such a delight to my cat at the time. Even now, my pup sits for hours to watch the birds and squirrels do their thing. She hates the rabbits though.

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