Maurice’s December Musings

Copperfish Gals

SBS Copperfish Gals

For me, Small Business Saturday truly kicks off the holiday season. This past Saturday was a stellar day for us at Copperfish Books. Our loyal customers were eagerly waiting for us to open the doors. Such a rush of happiness and joy to have a store filled with book-loving shoppers  eager to participate in the biggest holiday shopping day of the year.  They came from near and far. Barbara from Naples, it was such a pleasure to see your radiant smile in the crowd. You truly snagged some of the season’s best books.  Thank you for spending your day with us!

literary candles

December is usually all about the holidays and family.  However, since we’re moving into our new house at the end of the month, December is a lot different for us this year. For one thing we are not putting up any decorations, nor are we having a tree. I will miss the tree and look forward to having a real tree in our new house next year. The other big thing is that we will be on a cruise during the week of Christmas. Will not be with family. This is a first. But this year we needed to do something special just for us. Since our anniversary cruise over the summer was cancelled due to the new travel restrictions on cruise ships in Cuba, we decided to go all out and so I booked this cruise never dreaming we would be buying a new house so soon. Man oh man. But we are looking forward to relaxing and having someone else pamper us. We’ve booked massages and special dinners and plan to spend Christmas Day on St. John exploring the island.

In the midst of all this excitement, I’m working diligently on my winter Book Talks. I have some fabulous books to present and am looking forward to seeing all my book friends. January is going to be a HUGE month for me. And for books. Some of my favorites are coming out in January. Can’t wait.

As I pack up the house and all the books, I have a helper: the Fabulous Miss Mimi.

Fabulous Miss Mimi

And Kiki is making sure all her favorite stuffed mice get packed. Every time I turn around I am finding another mouse in the bottom of a big box. So cute.


I want to mention a big book that just came out.

EDISON is the perfect book for gift-giving this year! It’s great for everyone. Thomas Edison lived here in our backyard. So much in this part of Florida is dedicated to this brilliant man who gave us so much technology. We have copies of EDISON at Copperfish and they are 20% off.  You need this book!

I hope you get the chance to visit us at Copperfish this holiday season. We have such unique and fun gifts and books. And we have the best booksellers  who can personally recommend books just for you.  And don’t forget that there are unique little shops right next to us as well as great little eateries. If I don’t see you during the holidays I hope to see you when I visit your club this winter.

Book Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. And, as always, I wish you all a good book!

3 thoughts on “Maurice’s December Musings

  1. Pat, I looking forward to visiting Quail Creek and meeting all you readers. I have some very exciting books to tell you about and it is going to be a blast. Merry Christmas.

  2. I love Small Business Saturday. I visited my local used bookstore and snagged a copy of The Overstory. Someone got chocolate all over it. I hope it’s chocolate. I can wipe it down and will but that was a find.

    Why can’t you get a little tree? A little tree with light. Like, a table top tree.

    The cruise sounds amazing. You guys are like the Kranks from the movie.

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