Crisp Creperie is the New Kid in Town!

So inviting!

I’ve been wanting to have lunch at this new place in Cape Coral.  The festive bright orange umbrellas out front of the cafe beckoned.

This is the scene that greeted us as we approached this oh-so-atmospheric little cafe. So bright, so cheerful, and I immediately began to smile.

Great outdoor seating.


Upon entering, I loved that everything was so pristine. Not only that but everything is so welcoming, from the cheerful staff to the warm setting. We spotted the stools at the counter and immediately gravitated to them so that we could watch Chef Debi work her magic.



Alex, our very knowledgeable server,  explained  that everything on the menu is made from scratch.  By then we wanted one of each crepe.  Alex brought out this amuse-bouche complimentary to start with.  Liquid delight. Served cold, melon soup with a balsamic reduction that lit up our palate just as intended. Great start.



We  split an order of Herb Gougeres. These puffs of deliciousness were infused with manchego cheese sauce that exploded in my mouth. These were a new food for me and I absolutely loved them.

Herb Gougeres with Manchego Cheese Sauce.


We each chose a different crepe and decided to share.  I opted for the Seafood Crepe while Jack decided on The Arti. The Seafood Crepe

Seafood Crepe

Seafood Crepe

was filled with fresh seafood and finished with a mushroom and tarragon sauce. There is also mozzarella and parmesan.  The Arti includes artichoke tapenade, turkey, red peppers and spinach. We both would have licked our plates if we were not in public. Truly.

Alex delivers our crepes.

We had talked about NOT having dessert before we got started. That quickly became a non-event once I spotted the Lemon Crepe. We decided to share. We did not have the homemade ice cream but it’s available and I’m told is amazing like everything else. Do not forget the sweet crepes.


Chef Debi with the Lemon Crepe


Crisp  Creperie opened  in The Coralwood Mall two doors from the theater this past summer.  Chef Debi  Hernandez is a classically trained French Chef from Seattle who’s already well-known and successful  through her Food Truck business in that region. We are so lucky she’s decided to bring her uniqueness to our area!

Food Truck

Food Truck


Jean Le Boeuf visited Crisp Creperie in July and gave them a three star rating. She loved everything.  And so did we.


News-Press Review

The business is available for catering. They will come to you or, you can book at the restaurant. It’s a unique and delicious way to celebrate a special event in your life or to jazz up an everyday affair.

Dining at the Creperie is more than merely having a meal.  I know I felt transported to another level and with the atmosphere, the music, and the fabulous food, well, it was more of an experience than just going out to lunch. Really cool to sit at the counter and watch Chef doing her magic creating the crepes on the three crepe makers. You can’t see that just anywhere.

I’m always looking for a new dining experience, and this one was fun and delicious.  Thank you Chef Debi and your friendly crew. See you again soon!



One thought on “Crisp Creperie is the New Kid in Town!

  1. Jean, I knew you and I had more in common that a love of books. I think I need a field trip from Naples to sample those crepes. Thanks for letting us know about Crisp Creperie!

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