Happy Birthday From Rosy Tomorrow’s Heritage Farm Restaurant


Very happy ducks

I wanted to go somewhere unique for my birthday.  I remembered that a few months ago Tyler Florence had visited Rosy Tomorrow’s Heritage Farm while in Fort Myers for the big food truck race. Bingo! North Fort Myers here we come.

The farm is not far off the beaten path at all. In fact, we drove from Cape Coral down Del Prado extension and across 41 and we were in farm land. It was lovely. The driveway to the farm is long and lined with green pastures. In the distance you can see the cows lazily enjoying the  lush grass.  We were greeted by a bevy of pristine ducks that were so obviously happy that they even appeared to be grinning.  And we laughed along with them.  A bunch of turkeys were lurking but decided they really didn’t want to be photographed since it’s so close to Thanksgiving….

We were warmly greeted at the door by the colorful  host. The servers were friendly and knowledgeable.  It’s a very homey atmosphere. This place is filled with kindness and you can feel how much love goes into this venture.

Iced Kenyan Black Tea

I began my lunch with a lovely, refreshing  glass of Kenyan Black Iced Tea finished with a splash of lemonade. Such a treat.  And the table decorations are all fresh and made with food from the farm.

Homemade bread



I had read about the homemade bread served with farm churned butter topped with mangrove salt. Of course we HAD to have this. It arrived piping hot from the oven and was enjoyed by all.

Nicoise Salad With Shrimp

I  had to have the Nicoise salad when I read that the organic  long beans came from Worden Farm in Punta Gorda.  The Worden’s are longtime customers at Copperfish Books.  Not only was the salad delicious and healthy, it was finished with a Meyer lemon vinaigrette that was plate-licking worthy.

Jack and my friend Kit were not disappointed with their shrimp and grits topped with a gorgeous duck egg.

Shrimp and Grits with Sunny Duck Egg



Salted Caramel Beignets

I had decided before we even arrived that I had to save room for the Salted Caramel Beignets. I’m so glad I did. The others made oohing and aahing noises over their homemade pumpkin ice cream.

Rosy Tomorrow’s


Go for the food, but stay and  enjoy the surroundings. This is the real deal. What a great spot for a celebration! You can visit the animals and feel far from the urban population although you are so very close.  Don’t forget to make reservations. These people do it up right and they want to be prepared for you. You will not be disappointed.


Darling Baby Piglets


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday From Rosy Tomorrow’s Heritage Farm Restaurant

  1. Is this restaurant open during Feb. and March? Sounds terrific, would love to experience it when we go down to Florida, Feb. through April. So enjoy your reviews! Reggie Mitchell


    • Yes, they are open year round. You can click on the link to their website from the blog piece and see sample menus etc. You are going to love it.

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