Two Books For Giveaway! The Star Givers and The Peacock Emporium by Jojo Moyes

Giver of Stars

Jojo Moyes has wowed us with her contemporary romance novels set in England. I was totally blown away by ME BEFORE YOU.  Well folks, she’s come over to our side. This wonderful new historical  novel is set in our own Kentucky. Yes, right here in the good old U.S.A.  And Moyes has done her research. Based on Eleanor Roosevelt’s Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky Program that ran 1935-1943.

Jojo Moyes knows that in order to make her novels sing she simply must submerge herself completely. In order to do  this with THE GIVER OF STARS she visited Kentucky three times from 2017-2019, staying in a tiny cabin on the side of a mountain.  I will be posting a Q&A with Moyes when I post the winner of the two books in this giveaway. You are going to love hearing her story.

Still Me

Jojo Moyes

In this new novel you’ll meet five very unique women and it will amaze you to watch them grow and change over the course of the book.  Alice Wright becomes Alice Van Cleve at the beginning of the story. She believes that by marrying  Bennett Van Cleve and following him to America she will be escaping her stifling life in England. But watch what you hope for…. In Kentucky her overbearing father-in-law makes life so claustrophobic that she almost bursts into flames at the opportunity to work with the women of the Packhorse program. She is one of what will become five of the strongest women you will ever meet in history. What a force!

I am so glad Moyes decided to make this move. And I am delighted to offer two of her books for giveaway. I have one hardcover copy of THE GIVER OF STARS and one trade paper copy of

Peacock Emporium

THE PEACOCK EMPORIUM for giveaway compliments of Viking Publishing. Please leave a comment below and  you will be automatically entered to win both books! I will choose one winner on Monday, October 14. Good luck!

40 thoughts on “Two Books For Giveaway! The Star Givers and The Peacock Emporium by Jojo Moyes

  1. We have family in rural KY, so can’t wait to read this book by one of my faves.
    Also looking forward to seeing you again at Heritage Palms here in Ft. Myers

  2. Jojo Moyes has yet to come up with a book I have not really enjoyed. Will be interesting to read further on the topic of the book women in Kentucky. Thank you for making this giveaway possible.
    Sue in Estero

  3. I will celebrate my 80th birthday on Halloween and winning these two books would be a
    “boo-tiful” gift as I am a fan of Jojo Moyes.
    Several of my college sorority sisters were raised in Kentucky so I have been blessed to know strong women.

  4. I’m selfish so I would love to be a winner for this bookaholic. love your reviews. thank you. Patritia O’Neill

  5. Our Olde Cypress book club is discussing The Editor this month! I’ll bet Giver of Stars ends up on our list, too. As always, thank you for feeding us all these wonderful books. Jill Ducatman

  6. Like you, I loved Me Before You and have enjoyed every other book since then. I would love the opportunity to win this and thank you for offering it! Barbara

  7. I have been reading all about The Giver of Stars- this will be another great read for us. Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck to me!!

  8. Love your blog. It’s so helpful when looking for a good read. I’ve shared your blog with my Canadian bookclub and some US friends. We all love it.
    Michelle Thompson, Winnipeg, Canada

  9. This sounds right up my alley!! I was born and raised in Kentucky. Will be fascinating to learn more about these Packhorse Librarians.
    Thanks!! 📚

  10. Yes I read in the NYT about The Givers of Stars and can’t wait. Well I have to wait it isn’t out yet. Intrigued by this new venture for her. She is a terrific read and with the history of the librarians on horseback a win win all around.

  11. I so loved Me Before You. We had a great discussion in our book club.
    This new one by Moyes sounds wonderful. Would love to read it.
    Pat Collage

  12. Jo Jo’s newest book is on the same topic as a book I just finished reading which was “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek”. I would love to receive a copy of Jo Jo’s to compare the two. Hoping to be a winner!

  13. Love this author a d would love to read the book based on Kentucky as that’s where I lived from age four till she 64! Living now in Florida but will be always be a Kentucky girl!

  14. I love to enter your contests; someday I might win! In the meantime, I just keep ordering everything you review. I’d love to have two copies so I could give one to a friend dealing with dementia but she still loves to read. Mine are all on the Kindle.

  15. I read a detailed review of the newest Moyes book and was instantly intrigued. I love books that have a bit of real history included.

  16. Enjoy your blog and your book presentations at Bonita Bay the past two years! I’m a Kentucky girl and look forward to reading this book!

  17. Love JoJo Moyes books, can’t wait to read her new one. I share them with my daughters and we do our own little book club. Would love to win😀

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