Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

Cilka’s Journey

Those of you who are big fans of THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ are going to be over the moon. CILKA’S JOURNEY is the sequel to TATTOOIST.

Continuing on with the journey Cilka began in THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ,  we find Cilka charged as a collaborator for sleeping with the enemy and she is sent to a Siberian prison camp.  All this after  three horrific years forced to become  the mistress of a Nazi officer in Auschwitz. It was simply “survival.”

Cilka played a very small part in the first novel. After all, it was about the tattooist and his love. Now it’s time for her story. And what a story it is.  A story of survival. What does it take to survive? No one knows until they have to prove their resilience. Spirits are broken. Lives are taken. Some make it and some do not. This is that story.

Cilka was a very real person in history. Of course this is a novel and the author has added her own dialogue and thoughts. But the long and short of it is that it is a story taken from relentless research.  Some organizations are already calling foul. Saying it’s not exact. No, it’s a novel.

The story begs to be told. Just like TATTOOIST, I believe it could have been done in the form of memoir.  But having said that, I will say that I love learning from reading history in novel form. A great way to gain information. This is not heavy literature. This is a story that reads quickly and aims to finish a story earlier begun.

I already know this book will be a huge seller this season.  I was happy to be a first reader. The publishing people at St. Martin’s Press were kind enough to send my review copy in exchange for an honest review. I’m sure this novel will be a bestseller!

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

We have copies of CILKA’S JOURNEY at Copperfish Books and they go on sale today. They will be discounted 20%. I would love to see you at the store. But you can also buy online. Cheers!

One thought on “Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

  1. I just finished reading Cilka’s Journey and what a journey it was! I can’t stop thinking about the horrible life this young girl had and the trials and tribulations she went through. I could not put the book down and I thank you for giving it a good review. And I read it because I couldn’t put The Tattooist of Auschwitcz down!

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