Three Ways To Disappear by Katy Yocom

Three Ways To Disappear

Looking at this cover you would never imagine the beauty of the story.  The story called me. India called me. The plight of the Bengal tigers called me.  And the book did not disappoint.

THREE WAYS TO DISAPPEAR begins with a tragedy.  A family living in India has lost one of their own. A young boy, a twin, has sickened and quickly perished in this harsh country. He leaves behind his two sisters and his mother and father.  His mother can not cope and decides to leave India, take the two girls, and leave behind her husband, the doctor. And so it begins.

The sisters grow up and go their separate ways. Sarah, becomes a journalist who takes risks and becomes famous. Quinn, the twin, marries and has twins of her own. Their mother lives in total denial of the past and refuses ever to discuss it.

Sarah returns to India and is working with an organization that is striving to save the tiger. Deep in India Sarah finds that life is raw and risky. She takes unnecessary risks that get her in trouble. There is one scene where Sarah jumps into the thick of it to rescue tiger cubs that are drowning that will have your pulse racing. The writing is amazing. The sense of place speaks for itself.  But the local politics threaten to unmoor Sarah’s attempts and then she falls for the exact person she should not.

Meanwhile, back in Kentucky, Quinn is finding life with her husband to be stifling and their relationship is struggling at best. It doesn’t help that her young son has a life-threatening illness that stretches the struggling relationship even farther.

When Sarah asks Quinn to come to India it’s a game changer for all involved.

Katy Yocom’s writing has appeared in a multitude of publications including SALON. THREE WAYS TO DISAPPEAR, her debut novel, won the SISKIYOU prize for Environmental Literature. She holds an MFA from Spalding University.

Katy Yocom

Do not miss the Author’s Note in the back of the book.  She tells of a real tiger named Machli that was born in the late nineties and that she saw in the flesh while visiting. She tells of her travels and visiting villages in the Sawai Madhopur district.

The scenery is lush and you can almost feel it closing in on you as you read.  The writing is  wonderful.

I wanted to read this novel mainly because it’s  about Bengal tigers. So, I went for the environment aspect. But I stayed for the story of family.

My finished copy of THREE WAYS TO DISAPPEAR was sent from Ashland Creek Press ion exchange for an honest review. I was very pleasantly surprised.  A gorgeous story set mostly in India. Cheers!

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