Maurice’s September Musings

I can’t believe it’s already September. I knew August would fly by, but, wow. Season is almost upon us. Will I be prepared? Am I reading enough? Am I finding great books to present? Yes, Yes, and YES!!

As Hurricane Dorian blows good-bye kisses my way, I find myself once again feeling grateful. Watching Dorian sail across the ocean seemingly set on a collision course with the Florida coast,  certainly did nothing to keep my stress level low. I am a professional worrier. And this storm is something big to worry about.  Now she is creeping north and away from us here in Cape Coral. Thank God. But prayers are sent to the souls on the Bahama Islands and to those in Dorian’s future path….

A couple weeks ago I made the yearly pilgrimage to Sanibel Island with my friend Kit. We were on a mission to visit the newest addition to Gene’s Books.

Sanibel Island

Gene’s Books

The picture you see to your right is the quaint front of Gene’s original store. Across the street and down about a quarter mile is the addition which houses the LARGEST collection of new history books that I’ve seen anywhere in Florida. The building is fresh and new and has an upstairs.  Gene’s does not do any marketing and this is truly a new hidden gem right here in plain sight on Sanibel Island.

Books Everywhere

I can not help but show you a picture I took inside one of the smaller buildings behind the original. These are some of the piles that are waiting for placement. More books. Books everywhere. Truly a book lover’s paradise.

I spent a week in Asheville last month, visiting my daughter and the grandkids. I will be blogging about that soon.

In the South we have what is called SIBA. Last  year our staff at Copperfish Books spent several days in Tampa hunting and gathering the new and upcoming books for the season.  And meeting amazing authors.  We all came home with boxes of books. This year SIBA ( Southern Independent Book Association) is being held in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  I have chosen to pass this year, but four of our booksellers including Serena and Cathy (the owners ) will be in attendance and have promised to bring home plenty of books. I should be worried. Ha Ha.  Several of the great authors that will be in attendance  are authors I hope to see during the upcoming year. There are some truly amazing authors this year. Very exciting.


I just posted my review of DOMINICANA by Angie Cruz. Do yourself a favor and read this amazing novel. Takes place in the sixties and shows what immigration was like in that time frame. Ana, the main character, is one of my favorite new people.

Critic’s Choice at Artis-Naples has officially presented Elaine Newton’s list of lectures for the 2019-2020 upcoming season. It’s another great one. You can click above to see my posting with dates and titles.

Artis Naples

Elaine Newton

I have decided to make a post about the WW11 novels that are either out already or coming soon. To tell you the truth I didn’t know what to think when I saw how many there were coming down the pike. However, there are some that are absolutely stunning and wonderful. They simply must be addressed and read. I have just recently read THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ which was a very quick read. The sequel, CILKA’S JOURNEY, is coming next month. Surely, I was one of the last to read THE TATTOOIST.  These are stories based on real history and need to be told.

Cilka’s Journey

Next month is bringing an exciting event to the stacks at Copperfish Books.  We will be hosting a book signing for RIBBONS OF SCARLET written by six best-selling authors.   Click for event info. October 5. 

I hope everyone is safe and reading a great book.



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