Maurice’s August Musings


Bright orange ixora plants are bursting with color this month.  I’ve been taking advantage of their multitude by keeping fresh cuttings on the kitchen counter.

August is being ushered in with storms that come at any given time of the day or night. Most mornings have arrived with distant rumblings and even great downpours. I truly feel as if I live in the tropics this summer.

I’m reading some great stuff.  Just posted my review of THE WOMEN OF THE COPPER COUNTRY by Mary Doria Russell.

The Women of the Copper Country

An absolutely stunning adaptation of life in Michigan in the copper mines. Loved it!

Olive, Again

OLIVE, AGAIN by Elizabeth Strout is coming in October. You are in for a treat. I love this cranky old woman named Olive Kitteridge and was happy to have her back!

My husband Jack and I took our six-year-old granddaughter, Alana, shopping for back to school supplies. How fun was that? I really am kicking myself for not getting a photo of her as her sisters had dressed her up and plopped a unicorn tiara on her lovely head.

Unicorn Backpack

I’ll be doing the back to school shopping again next week, this time with the Asheville grandkids.

Writing candle






My daughter gave me this lovely inspirational candle for Christmas. With its divine aroma it’s perfect for setting the tone. I’ve been lighting it a lot lately.

Have I put a book aside recently? I have. I am cringing even writing this. Ugh. Sadly, THE DUTCH HOUSE by Ann Patchett didn’t do it for me.  I carefully set it aside after 200 pages. To tell you the honest truth, I was bored to death.  I am a Patchett fan, but not of all her books. This one, not so much.

Jack and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at an unlikely venue. Unlikely for a celebration. At 7:45 P.M. on July 23 we were at Viscaya-Prado Animal Hospital with our senior cat, Siena, who we call Tiny. She is twelve and very sweet. But she was sick and so off we went. They gave her a  shot to fix her up. Bladder infection. We got Chinese food and made a big cocktail and called it a successful night. Cheers! Priorities change over the years.

The Winemaker’s Wife

One of my favorite authors, Kristin Harmel, releases her new novel, THE WINEMAKER’S WIFE next week. I am wild about this book. In this year filled and overflowing with WW11 books, this is the stand out. Kristin has honed her craft and brings  a novel of France and its wine country to the table. Her ability to infuse her stories with memorable characters continues to shine here. Review next week.

Quasi Maximus

I tried to enlarge part of this photo so you could actually see the HUGE lizard behind our house near the canal. We have named him Quasi Maximus. He is deserving of the title since he’s so much larger than the smaller one from last year. My husband saw him first.  I ran to the lanai and got this picture. Honestly, he was  five feet long and fat. In our backyard. Ugly, too. And he sure can run.

We’ve been watching YELLOWSTONE on television this summer. Have fallen head over heels for it and now I am ready to visit cowboy country in a big way.

Summertime in S.W. Florida always seems to fly by. This summer is no exception. I already have bookclub leaders checking in making sure they are booked for the upcoming season.  You know I’m reading far ahead. You know you can count on me to bring you all the amazing information about great books.

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

We, at Copperfish Books, are also working hard behind the scenes to bring you extraordinary events throughout the upcoming season. Just wait until you hear our line-up. Happy reading!

One thought on “Maurice’s August Musings

  1. We have been married for 25 years too. Congrats!

    Patchett. Didn’t she write Run? I did not like that book. Hated it and haven’t read her since.

    The weather last week was 104 most days but this week it’s about 95. Much better. I feel a tinge of fall in the air. For us, it’s really the quality of light that clues us in. It’s ever so slightly more golden. Anyway, I love it.

    I just posted my review of Green’s The Friends We Keep. What a fab book. I went and put her other books on hold for me to read later as I’ve not read her before this one. I am reading City of Girls now and loving it so far.

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