Is It Really Already July? Musings From Maurice

As I sit at the computer on this sultry Sunday afternoon in July, I can’t help wondering where the first half of the summer has disappeared. Holy cow. Our country has just celebrated Independence Day and that means we’re way into summer. The rumbling of a thunderstorm has already pierced the sky on the Cape where I live. Makes for a great reading day, though. You know me, always ready with a great book or books! I’m currently reading GIRLS LIKE US by Cristina Alger. I love her writing and have been following her through three novels. Now she’s penned this wonderful murder mystery. Perfect for summer.

Girls Like Us

The Critics Choice and Elaine Newton’s lecture series will soon be listed for the upcoming season. The six books have already been chosen and I have just been alerted by Elaine that there will be one more surprise. And it’s a good one! I will post on the blog when announced.

I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of THE NEW GIRL

The New Girl

by Daniel Silva. Let me tell you that it is truly a masterpiece. This thriller is amazing. Review to follow on pub day.

It’s hard to believe but bookings are still coming in for the upcoming season. And I am hard at reading to keep up so I can once again offer you the best books with the most complete information.  I’m reading far into the new year now and just had the pleasure of reading

A Good Neighborhood

A GOOD NEIGHBOR by Therese Anne Fowler. Comes out in February 2020. and you are going to want to hold onto your hat. This one is a real page-turner. Her best yet.

THE THROW DOWN: What did I toss lately? I can’t say I tossed it, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea,  FLEISHMAN IS IN TROUBLE had a great start. Quickly caught my interest. It’s being raved about in certain high circles and even by reviewers I really admire.  It’s a matter of taste. I don’t think it’s for most of my readers. Boom!

Fleishman Is In Trouble

We’ve had a bit of stress going on around our house. Our Wyatt has been dealing with some mysterious ailment.  He even had to undergo a kitty cat colonoscopy. Yes, very stressful. We’ve just recently been given a diagnosis. IBD. Wow, in a cat. Who knew? We are so relieved it isn’t something worse. Still, it’s something we will have to be on top of all the time. Wyatt is a big part of our family and we cherish him.

Like a lot of this country we’ve  been watching a wonderful series on TV this summer.  Outlander is a great show. I love that my husband also loves it. Some of it is harsh, but the story is wonderful and the characters divine. I know many of you know this story through the amazing series by Diana Gabaldon.

It is finally confirmed. I am flying to Asheville in August to lead Camp Mom Mom. I’m returning for the third summer. It’s exciting. I will make sure I visit as many of the bookstores with the kids as I possibly can.  French Broad Chocolate. The usual suspects. I never tire of this. Looking forward to a bear siting in the neighborhood.  And  maybe even a tea party on the deck overlooking those amazing mountains.

Last month I mentioned my husband and I would be traveling to Cuba this month to celebrate our anniversary. Well, low and behold, as things will happen, our cruise is not to be.  So, we put our heads together and decided we would go bigger…. And we did. We have booked a seven day cruise during Christmas week. Yes, not fooling around. Merry Christmas to us.

In the next few days I will be posting the last of the summer reading. Some great stuff!


2 thoughts on “Is It Really Already July? Musings From Maurice

  1. Luv your posts….must add a MUST READ for all in case I missed it from you. The Guest Book by Blake…… much to say…….

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  2. Poor Wyatt but I must say he looks quite comfy in this pic! My pup has not been well since the 7.1 earthquake which wasn’t even that bad where we are but she has a nervous stomach over it and now is not so great.

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