The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali

Marjan Kamali

The Stationery Shop

Lovely cover. And the story lives up to all  the loveliness!

It’s 1953 in Tehran. Roya is a smart young teenager who spends any free time she has  lingering in the neighborhood stationery shop owned by Mr. Fakhri.  Books and writing implements and fine papers. I can almost smell the  musty goodness of the pages in this antiquated  old shop.  Roya meets a young political activist  named Bahman and they fall deeply in love.  So much so that Bahman proposes marriage to Roya and she accepts. Bahman’s mother is wildly against the marriage.  But the wedding is set and the event will go on.

On the eve of the wedding day there is a coup in the city center where Bahman and Roya are set to meet. What happens then sets the tone for the future. Heartbreaking, devastating, and oh-so compellingly  readable, you will find yourself blowing through the pages of this fine new novel.  More than sixty years of not knowing.

Karmali tackles young love, family bonds, and devastating loss in a way that reminds me of THE NOTEBOOK by Nicolas Sparks, but with more of a literary tone.  Prepare yourself to be dazzled and deeply moved.

Now with such a focus once again on Iran, this is the perfect time to lose yourself in this gorgeous novel.

THE STATIONERY SHOP is being called evocative, devastating, and hauntingly beautiful by Whitney Scharer, author of THE AGE OF LIGHT.  This book broke her heart again and again.

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

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My review copy of THE STATIONERY SHOP by Marjan Kamali came from Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review. Amazing!

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