Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand

Summer of 69

Love the cover of Elin Hilderbrand’s upcoming brand new novel, SUMMER OF 69!  This cover screams take me to the beach like nothing else.

I’ve  read every single one of Hilderbrand’s novels over the years. I have loved them all. The title completely won me over even before the first page was turned. This was my time. I remember that summer so well. And such a historical summer at that.

All of Hilderbrand’s novels take place on Nantucket. Once in a while she sets part  of a novel on Martha’s Vineyard. And this is one of them. It’s perfect.  And adds some angst to the story.

The Levin family always look forward to spending their summers at their grandmother’s historical home in downtown Nantucket.  This year Blair, the oldest sister, is hugely pregnant with twins and is spending her summer lying around on a couch eating bon bons in front of a tv in Boston while her astrophysicist husband is working to prepare for the upcoming moon landing. Kirby, the middle sister, has bucked the system and is spending the summer on Martha’s Vineyard with a friend.  She’s been involved in protests and has been in trouble with a capital T.  That leaves youngest sister, Jessie, to spend time with her cantankerous grandmother and their mom Kate who has taken to the bottle most of the day as she struggles with the deployment of her only son Tiger who is Jessie’s step-brother.  Lots of stress going on. And I haven’t even mentioned the men.

This summer is filled with so much news. The moon landing. Nixon’s presidency.  Ted Kennedy’s dive off the bridge in Chappaquiddick with Mary Jo Kopechne left to drown in the car.  Civil rights protests.  And this is the summer the country is preparing for the now infamous Woodstock. OMG!

Hilderbrand brings a lot to the table. Jessie is growing up.  It’s all coming to a head this summer.   Jessie falls for a gorgeous young man named Pick.  Who is Pick and what is the secret Kate knows about him?  Jessie’s grandmother is harboring a big secret and maybe she isn’t the ogre we thought.  A summer that should be filled with sand and swimming and fun is also  filled with family crisis and worries.

Elin Hilderbrand

If you’re looking for a perfect beach read, well, this is your book. Elin Hilderbrand has done it all over again as she has for over ten years now. Cheers!

Of course we will have plenty of copies of SUMMER OF ’69 at Copperfish Books.

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

They will be discounted 20% as all our new hardcovers are. Hope to see you soon.

My lovely finished hard copy of SUMMER OF ’69 arrived from Little Brown Publishers in exchange for an honest review. It’s super. Just perfect for summer!


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