Searching For Sylvie Lee by Jean Kwok

Jean Kwok

Searching For Sylvie Lee

What a great cover! And look at that blurb by Paula Hawkins!!

I’ve been following Jean Kwok since her first book, GIRL IN TRANSLATION. That novel  was the beginning of a stellar writing career. Now NYT bestselling author, Jean Kwok, brings us a novel set mostly in the enchanting Netherlands. She even takes us on a trip to Venice in this new book.

SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE LEE is Kwok’s first thriller, and an International one at that.  She’s managed to pack this wonderful new novel with the immigrant experience, family secrets, and even race and culture.  It’s a real page-turner.

Amy Lee is living in a tiny apartment in Queens, New York with her parents who have immigrated from the Netherlands years ago but were initially from  China. She’s distraught because she discovers no one’s heard from her older sister Sylvie Lee. Sylvie was thought to be on her way home from a visit to the Netherlands where she had gone to see her grandmother who was dying. But now Sylvie has disappeared without a trace.

Years ago, Amy’s parents left the Netherlands. They also left their daughter Sylvie with relatives because they could not afford to take her with them. Amy was not yet born. When Sylvie was nine she came back  to live with her parents. But there’s always been a mystery hanging over this family.  Now, Amy who is almost painfully shy, is determined to get to the bottom of this disappearance and find her sister. Off she flies to the Netherlands to meet relatives she’s never met before. This is no small feat.

Told with lyrical prose and an acute sense of urgency, SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE LEE, is the quintessential International thriller. It has so much to offer the reader. It’s nothing like Kwok’s former novels, and yet it is. I love the sense of place evoked.  Kwok brings so much to the table. She actually lives in the Netherlands and is able to transfer to the page the sense of place that helps make this novel so authentic. It sure made me feel as if I were right there in the midst of the city of canals. And, the story moves to Venice where the same attention to details prevail. I love that.

As Amy collects different pieces of this intricate puzzle I found myself so intrigued. So engrossed.  So enjoying the beautiful writing and the unique story.  So many questions. So few answers.

Jean knows the immigrant experience. She’s lived it. That’s what makes her rendition  so spot-on and special.

Photo of Jean Kwok by Mark Kohn

Photo of Jean Kwok by Mark Kohn

SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE LEE is getting rave reviews from all over the world.  It even made it onto Elaine Newton’s Critic’s Choice summer reading list.  I’m adding my rave to the list. You simply must pick up a copy of this new novel for your summer bag.  I received a gorgeous finished hard copy of SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE LEE from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, it’s just super!

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