This Is American Dirt! Only A Sneak Peek.

American Dirt

I am calling this post a sneak peek for a good reason. AMERICAN DIRT is a novel that will not be available until January 2020. I know, how frustrating for you….

I read a manuscript of AMERICAN DIRT by Jeanine

Jeanine Cummins
Credit Joe Kennedy

Cummins in January of this year. Yes, that long ago. I got lucky. Really lucky. Amy Einhorn, who is Flatiron Books, asked if I would read it. Yes, she actually did. I accepted it and put everything else aside even though this book was a year from printing. But it was Amy’s passion for this book that spurred me on. OMG! And now I am adding my passion to the mix.

I’m not writing a review at this point. I’m just gonna whet your appetites. The word is getting out, you see. Jeanine Cummins was recently signing copies of AMERICAN DIRT at Book Expo in NYC.  Our own Cathy Graham was seen at a cocktail party with Jeanine this past week.

Cathy Graham with Jeanine Cummins Book Expo 2019

This photo warms my heart to no end. Jeanine Cummins is poised for BIG stuff. I am predicting that AMERICAN DIRT is going to be HUGE.  The book is like a runaway train.  You can’t catch your breath. You can’t take your eyes from the pages. You can’t  control the beating of your own heart.

When I tell readers that the book is about a  woman who lives in Acapulco, Mexico and owns a bookstore, they smile. They like this. Then I mention her husband is a journalist. They have a young son. More smiling and now intrigue. Then I press the panic button and explain that these middle class people just living their safe lives are about to have everything blown to high heavens.

This novel is so timely. The beginning of this literary thriller is harrowing. And then Lydia and her son are forced into being migrants on the run. Forced to ride la bestia as their once normal lives are left behind them and they are running for their lives.

This AMAZING novel hits the nail on the head. It poses the question; what if this were you? What would you do?

I don’t even know how I took a breath while experiencing this novel. What I did know is that I wanted to talk about it with someone. So I had my husband read it next. Same reaction.

Book Expo 2019

AMERICAN DIRT is for everyone. No matter your political persuasion, your religious beliefs, your class, your ethnicity, or your sex. This magnificent novel is for you!!!

Stephen King is saying “an extraordinary piece of work.” Don Winslow is saying ” A GRAPES OF WRATH for our times.”

Goodreads is saying; ” AMERICAN DIRT will leave readers utterly changed. It is a page-turner; it is a literary achievement; it is filled with poignancy, drama, and humanity on every page. It is one of the most important books for all times.” 

Now you can see why I feel so compelled to get the word out about AMERICAN DIRT and Jeanine Cummins. A force is coming. By the time this novel arrives in your hands it will already have become a phenomena. I promise you this. And I was one of the first to know. Cheers! And many thanks to Amy Einhorn for this opportunity.

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