Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner

Drawing Home

Now here’s a good atmospheric cover for summer.  This is the third summer I’ve read a novel by Jamie Brenner.

Jamie Brenner

I love these light summer reads. They’re all well-written and the characters are colorful. They all take place in summer…..

DRAWING HOME takes place in touristy Sag Harbor, N.Y. Emma has lived in Sag Harbor her entire life. Now she runs the front desk at the American Hotel in town. Very prestigious. Only eight rooms. A bar and restaurant that is usually home to at least one celebrity during the summer. Emma is raising her 14-year-old daughter alone. Once upon a time she was married to a would-be actor who decided he didn’t want to be married anymore. She and her daughter, Penny, seldom see Mark. Penny suffers from OCD and anxiety disorder. It’s challenging but Emma is determined to help Penny through visits to a therapist and not medicine. That may or may not be working right now. Meanwhile, Penny has become friends with Henry Wyatt who is in his eighties and  is the local artist. He’s a very famous artist who moved to Sag Harbor some years ago when he tired of the fast-track of Manhattan.  Some evenings he can be found sitting at the end of the bar at the American Hotel sketching with Penny. He sees something no one else has seen, her talent is something very special.

When Henry Wyatt suddenly dies Penny is devastated. When Penny and her mom  discover Henry has left his entire estate to Penny, it’s  not just shocking, it’s darn right puzzling.  Why would he do this? And then the story begins to unfurl.

When Bea Winstead blows into  town it’s as if a colorful tornado has arrived. In her wake is Kyle, her reluctant assistant. Bea is in town to collect her inheritance, Windsong, Henry’s estate that she is claiming as her own.  And the poop not only hits the fan, it hits the newspaper.

Bea and Henry had something going for years. They had an art gallery in Manhattan together. Bea was the reason Henry became famous.  She always maintained a certain distance because of the business. But could it have been much more?

Bea knows art. She knows talent. Even though Emma and Penny are at unbelievable odds with Bea, she discovers Penny and Henry were working on creating graphic novels. This is where it really is interesting.  Penny was showing Henry how to write a graphic novel. Henry was showing Penny who to ramp up her art. And in so doing helping her with her OCD.

Bea has a key to the mansion and moves in. But it’s not her house to move into….. And now the fighting begins.

You might know Penny’s father, Mark, suddenly shows up again just after she’s inherited a fortune.

There’s much more to this story, but I will leave that up to you to find as you read this enjoyable novel this summer. Because you really should. It’s perfect for summer.

I borrowed my copy of DRAWING SUMMER from the library. I read it overnight. Quick and easy.


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